The salvific power of the Christ

Through arduous effort and single-minded worship and reverence,  one’s  mind  is transformed  by  the  Christ’s  power,  so  that one acquires  the  Christ’s  wisdom.  This realization  of  unconditional humility  [‘trust’, i.e.  self-abandonment] is  not  a  union  of  our minds  and  the  Buddha’s [Christ is another name for Buddha Maitreya]  mind  brought about  through  a  gradual deepening  of  human trust  or  acceptance  –  this  is  a fundamental distinction  between unconditional humility towards Suchness  and our  ordinary conceptions  of  faith.  Rather,  it  comes  about through  an  utter negation  in  which  all  our efforts  and  designs  fall  away  into meaninglessness,  being  found both  powerless and  tainted  by  egocentric  attachments.  In  this negation  our  minds  of  blind passions  are transformed  into  wisdom-compassion,  and  at the  same  time  they  remain precisely  as  they are  –  or  rather,  their  fundamental  nature becomes  radically  clear  for  the f irst  time.  

With  the  wisdom  that  we  realize  as  pure trust,  we  are  enabled  to  see  ourselves as  we are  –  the  foolish  being  whose  every  act  is conditioned  by  eons  of  karmic  evil  and dominated  by  passions,  thoroughly  devoid  of truth  and  reality  –  and  also  to  know,  and to be  filled  with  gratitude  for,  the  working  of the  Primal  Vow (to be ‘born again’)  that leads to the perfect enlightenment.

We  can  become  enlightened  because  we  are  already  enlightened  –  as  Dogen Zenji once said,  only  Buddhas become  Buddhas.  We  cannot  enlighten  ourselves,  for  the  ego cannot  bring  about  egolessness. Only  Other  Power  can  help  us.  This  is  because within us  all,  at  our  very  core,  is  Other Power  itself,  or  the  Buddha-nature  which  is  Christ-Consciousness.  It  is  Other  Power  beyond  the  ego of  Own  Power.  And  as  the  Christ-nature  it  is  in  itself  nonconceptual  and  hence  beyond both  object  and  subject.

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