​Dharma, that which ‘sustains’


Because I have left my kinsmen, I am happy;

Because I have abandoned the attachment to my country and race, I am happy;

Since I disregard this place, I am happy;

As I do not wear the lofty garb of priesthood, I am happy.

Because I cling not to house and family, I am happy;

I need not this or that, so I am happy.

Because I possess the great wealth of the Dharma, I am happy;

Because I worry not about property, I am happy;

Because I have no fear of losing anything, I am happy;

Since I never dread exhaustion, I am happy.

Having fully realized the  Mind-Essence, I am happy;

As I need not force myself to please my patrons, I am happy;

Having no fatigue or weariness, I am happy;

Since all I do complies with the Dharma, I am happy;

Never desiring to move (wander), I am happy;

As the thought of death brings me no fear, I am happy;

Bandits, thieves, hackers, and robbers never molest me, 

So at all times I am happy!

Having won the best conditions for Dharma-practice, I am happy;

Having ceased from evil deeds and left off sinning, I am happy;

Treading the Path of Merits, I am happy,

Having lost all pride and jealousy, I am happy;

Understanding the wrongness of the Eight Worldly Winds (desires),

I am happy;

Absorbed in quiescence and even-mindedness, I am happy;

Without hope or fear, I am happy;

In the sphere of Non-clinging Illuminations, I am happy;

The non-distinguishing Wisdom of non-conceptual intuition, 

I am happy;

Poised in the natural realm of Immanence, I am happy;

The five radiant gates of sense all make one happy;

To stop the mind that comes and goes is happiness;

Oh, I have so much of happiness and joy!

This is a song of gaiety I sing,

This is a song of gratitude to my Guru and the 

Three Precious Ones – 

I want no other happiness.

With no bad deeds and sins,

I shall be joyful when I die;

With all good merits, deeds and virtues,

I am happy while alive.

Enjoying yoga (meditation), I am indeed most happy.

3 thoughts on “​Dharma, that which ‘sustains’

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