​Sufi humor: Of laws that apply unequally on different men

One day the inhabitants of the town complain to Hodja about the Cadi (judge in Ottoman times): – “Cadi Effendi cares for his personal interest only. He sometimes acquits the guilty; but sometimes punishes them severely for the same crime. He doesn’t recognize the law. He is on the side of the one who serves his interest. He is a hypocrite. How can we get rid of this problem?”
Although Hodja complains to the civil authorities about it, he can’t convince them. They ask Hodja how he can prove that. He tells the governor that sending an inspector whom Cadi Effendi doesn’t know and visiting him together with the inspector will be enough so that he can witness. They agree to this plan. 

On the decided day, the inspector comes to the town as Nasreddin Hodja’s guest. Keeping his identity confidential, he visits Cadi with five or six people from the town. After some talk, Hodja says to Cadi: “Effendi, while the cattle were grazing in the fields, a variegated cow -I think it was yours killed our cow blowing it in the stomach. What is the penalty for this?”

“This is not the owner’s fault. There is no feud for animals.”

Hodja alters his word: “No, no! I said it wrong. Our cow killed yours.”

As soon as Cadi Effendi hears this, he stands up quickly and stretches up to the Law Book on the shelf. Hodja says: “Ha! The problem has now become complicated. Let’s see what the Black-covered Book (the constitution of ancient Turkey) says about it!”

Moral of the story: Posts and positions are transitory and very ephemeral by nature. To have an opportunity to leads means an opportunity to cultivate one’s virtues and merits. Hence, that God-given chance to advance our spiritual selves shouldn’t be squandered.

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