Unconditional love – The will to help here and now


Neither a father or a passionate mother nor an endearing relative lives as devoted to a son/daughter or kin the way the perfect seeker does. His love is otherworldly – it arises from unexcelled compassion and enlightenment which naturally enables him to bear intense universal love which is timeless by nature.

As a spiritual genius (bodhisattva), with his incomparable will to help here and now, he lives intent upon the evolutionary benefit of the whole world. Can the same be said of a parent whose only focus is their son alone- they lack capacity to unconditionally love other than their blood, or a universalistic politician whose sole motivation is wanton greed to sate his own belly?

On the contrary, human beings do not feel a love even for themselves – the high suicide rates and lunacy in the modern world serves as a perfect example, not to mention many others like record-high divorce rates -, not to speak of for beloved other’s lives. What ordinary men consider to be love is mere gloss – nothing close to the compassionate enlightened seeker feels for other beings; for, his enlightened love brings beings help and happiness, something which selfish love never does. 

Further elucidation

Here, I seek to show the kind of aspiration through which an Awakened Seeker brings beings to evolutionary maturity (a tremendous step further towards enlightenment). It is an aspiration superior to that of parents and relatives (because these cannot save one from the veil of darkness and one’s destiny after this life), and even superior to mundane beings’ love of themselves (because a spiritually asleep person gropes in darkness all his life, not even in control of his after-life hence incapable of loving himself because to do that would require one to be enlightened first).

The love of the enlightened truly brings beings help and happiness, while the self-love of mundane beings brings them neither help nor happiness. If one can enter meditative concentration upon this subject alone, he would see, as it were face-to-face, that this essence of unconditional love and compassion is the key factor that separates humans from all other life forms; and so seeing, one would become enlightened in the fire of an instant. Actually it is our selfishness that acts as an obstacle to attaining this Unity with the Supreme Divinity.

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