​Meditation on the rat-race of money and materialism

Look around – because it is difficult to look at yourself – but look around, look at people. A man is constantly occupied with money. What is he really doing? Focusing his mind on money so he can avoid himself. He goes on thinking about money, morning, evening and night. Even in his bed he thinks about money and the bank balance. What is he doing with the money? That’s why when he gets the money he is at a loss – what to do now? So the moment he gets the money he was thinking about, he starts thinking about more money – because money is not the thing he was asking for.

Otherwise, when he gets it he should feel fulfilled, but not even a Rockefeller or a Rothschild or a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffet is fulfilled. When you get money you immediately demand more, because the basic motivation is not the money, the basic motivation is how to remain occupied. Whenever occupation is not there you are uncomfortable, a deep unease arises in you. What to do? If there is nothing to do, you will read the same newspaper again and again and again – the same newspaper you have already read completely. If there is no occupation, you may do anything which is not needed at all, but you cannot remain at ease. Hence the insistence of all the supremely enlightened masters, that if you can sit for a few hours without doing anything, soon you will become enlightened.

An unoccupied state of mind is meditation. An occupied state of mind is the world, the great veil of boundless darkness. It doesn’t matter what type of occupation or profession – whether you are interested in money or politics, or social service or universal charity, it makes no difference: your insanity is the same. Even if you leave Kim Jong Un (North Korea’s president) alone he will go mad: he needs the society and the revolution and the nuclear war threats; if there is nothing to do it will be impossible for him to exist, his sanity will be lost. He is sane through you. Because of so much work, the energy is lost in the work, you are exhausted, you can go to sleep.

Sometimes old men look almost crazy and eccentric, and the reason is that they have nothing to do. Old age is not the reason: they are now unoccupied, they are not needed, retired. Retired people always become a little eccentric. Something has gone wrong with them. The man was okay – he may have been a president, a cabinet secretary, a business tycoon, a seasoned professor or a prime minister of a country, but retire him and see what happens. Immediately he deteriorates. His body and mind both deteriorate and he starts becoming a little eccentric, crazy, mad, because now there is no occupation, nobody looks at him, nobody is interested in him. He has no work to do, nowhere to focus his mind. The whole turmoil goes in and in – he becomes a turmoil.

15 thoughts on “​Meditation on the rat-race of money and materialism

  1. I believe we need to live in this world, be grounded in this life. But we also need a healthy balance of the material existence and spirituality. I think if people will open their hearts and minds, seek enlightenment and wisdom, they will come to see that money is nothing but an expendable tool. We don’t really need it, but the systems put in place by insecure, greedy individuals, make it so that there are few alternatives for accomplishing our goals without this tool. It doesn’t have to be this way, but it is. However, we can can choose to worship money, or we can choose another path, one in which we realise the inherent worthlessness of money, but also its usefulness as a means to an end. The goal should not be the acquisition of money itself, but of higher goals. Those who pursue money form the sake of having money, will never have enough. Those who have balance in their lives will not dwell endlessly on money. I don’t, and never have. Not when I was a child with the luxury of wealth, nor as an adult living on the poverty line. I would rather live in a world in which the concept of money had never been conceived, to be honest.

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  2. This is how it works. People only seem yo be clever at the periphery but if you challenge their ignorance and shallowness they run away as an elephant jolts upon seeing a lion in its dreams.
    I am the lion. Haha. Thanks. Am happy to just have one person who understands.

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  3. By all means, challenge my ingnorance. There is certainly plenty of that! 😉 But I understand. People don’t like to have their delusions shattered. When faced with the unknown, most balk. But it isn’t quite so terrifying as some might think. The first step is the hardest, after that there’s no going back. Not for me, at least.

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  4. It’s actually a freestyle guitar jam with a couple of spoken lines recorded on old, low quality equipment. I made music mostly for myself – for the love of playing. It wasn’t a business enterprise. 🙂 It’s all in my storage unit in boxes now.

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  5. Yes. Thanks a lot for the inspiration. Kindly send me a track or two you have done, however it may be. (philipkamau25@gmail.com)
    Music can be used by light-workers to reach the message to those who have little interest in reading stuff. Especially the young generation.


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