​The essence of Hassidism

A young rabbi complained to the rabbi of Rizhyn: – “During the hours when I devote myself to my spiritual studies under your Guidance, I feel immense life and light; but the moment I stop studying, it is all gone. What shall I do?”

The rabbi if Rizhyn replied: – “That is just as when a man walks through the woods on a dark night, and for a time another man accompanies him who has a brightly lighted lamp, but at the crossroads they part and the first must grope his way on alone. But if a man carries his own light with him, he need not be afraid of any darkness.”

2 thoughts on “​The essence of Hassidism

  1. “The seer’s own soul becomes a torch in his hand. It is his own light that illuminates his path. It is just like directing a searchlight into dark corners which one could not see before.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
    Note: (1882–1927) Sufi master from India who brought Chishti Sufism to Europe and America in the early 1900’s.

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