​To promulgate the true religion

THERE are religions – Hinduism, Bahaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Free Masonry – and many more. But they are mere religions, not THE true religion. They are the reflections of the moon in many kinds of minds. They are not the real moon. The moon is one but it can be reflected in millions of lakes. Reflections differ, but the reflected is one.

Mind is a mirror. When religion is reflected through the mind a Hinduism is born, or a Mohammedanism or a Judaism. When the religion is not a reflected one, when one comes face to face with reality without any mind whatsoever, when there is no mind between you and the truth, then there is born THE religion.

All supremely enlightened men and women of the past, present and future have discovered the same essence – from the Buddha, Krishna, Vishnu, Zoroaster, Moses, Abraham, Kabir, Mullah Nasrudin, Muhammad, Lao Tzu, Socrates, Pythagoras, Parasurama and Buddha Maitreya (ca. 2017) – and that is boundless, inexhaustible, inconceivable Nirvana. Their language is different but not their content. They all have looked at the moon, but they call it different names. Obviously, that is natural. But they have not been looking at the reflections. They don’t believe in creeds, ideologies, scriptures, dogmas, doctrines. They know the truth, and when you know the truth there is no need of scriptures and glossy, artificial morals and mannerisms.

You carry the scripture on your head when the truth is not known. Theories are substitutes, dead. Truth is always alive, eternally alive. It cannot be confined in words; the message is wordless. And you cannot come to it by somebody else because whenever there is a medium, it becomes a reflection. When your own mind creates a reflection, what about other minds through which you come to know it? One has to come in immediate contact, direct, heart to heart. Nothing should be allowed between the two: your heart and the heart of reality. They should respond in a deep resonance. They should meet and mingle and merge and there should not even be a curtain of words, knowledge, concepts. Only then, you know what true religion is.

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