​Maitreya – the bodhisattva who returns

When rivers, even though they have not gone underground, have separate beds and separate waters, they have but little water, carry out separate tasks, and can sustain but few water creatures.  But once they enter the ocean, they are all together in one place, they become a single, great water, they merge into a single activity, and they become a great and constant sustenance for the host of water animals.

The brave bodhisattvas (heretofore transliterated as ‘the perfect seekers’) who have not entered buddhahood have separate grounds and different ideas, they have little realization, their activities are separately their own, and they always sustain the needs of but a few beings. But once they have entered buddhahood, they all have a single great ground and a single great realization, they merge in united activity, and they become a great and constant sustenance for an immense host of beings (through their teaching of enlightenment that lives on for thousands of years before another perfect Buddha arises in the world, usually when the proper teaching or path of Truth has become obscured by the influence of time such as we are experiencing to-day)

Thus, it is fitting for the beautiful-minded to take up the spirit of enlightenment, because it is endowed with incomparable virtues, because its buddha stage (the last stage to perfect enlightenment) is the cause of benefit and happiness, and because it is the inexhaustible source of supreme bliss and beauty. Due to perfect enlightenment’s (buddhahood’s) endowment with incomparable virtues, one’s individual (worldly and other’s) aims are fulfilled. Because buddhahood is the cause of help and happiness, others’ aims are fulfilled. Because it is a mine of irreproachable, supreme, inexhaustible bliss, one comes to dwell in a distinctive bliss. It is therefore fitting that the intelligent person should embrace the vow for buddhahood and so take up the magnificent spirit of enlightenment..

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