​Socrates on the mysteries of love


In Plato’s Symposium, Socrates says: A man who practices the mysteries of love will be in contact not with a reflection, but with truth itself. To know this blessing of human nature, one can find no better helper than love.

This love that can become a contact with truth itself arises only out of your consciousness—not out of your body, but out of your innermost being. Lust arises out of one’s body, love arises out of one’s consciousness. But, ordinarily, people don’t know their consciousness, and the misunderstanding goes on and on—their bodily lust is taken for love.

Very few people in the world have known love. Those are the people who have become so silent, so peaceful . . . and out of that silence and peace they come in contact with their innermost being, their soul. Once you are in contact with your soul, your love becomes not a relationship but simply a shadow to you. Wherever you move, with whomsoever you move, you are loving.

Right now, what many call love is addressed to someone, confined to someone. And love is not a phenomenon that can be confined. You can have it in your open hands, but you cannot have it in your fist. The moment your hands are closed, they are empty. The moment they are open, the whole of existence is available to you. Socrates is right: One who knows love also knows truth, because they are only two names of one experience. And if one has not known the truth, remember that they have not known love, either.

6 thoughts on “​Socrates on the mysteries of love

  1. So, then: with such realization/stationed in the divine, the one /true self can experience/enjoy the perfect roles of lovership per the stage of all the stages of manifestation i.e there is pauseless awareness that the experiencer and experienced is not different…. but then a question arises: why the roles , why the stages . The answer is obvious and not so different than ‘that’ which inspires and arises the very question (of why) .

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  2. God bless you dear Philip for these words; indeed, Love and Truth are two sides of thesame coin. Every man of Truth must also come with a mission to love (it comes with the package): it CANNOT be otherwise. If not, how does one bear the blindness of your acts (old man) and humanity if not for love. To bear, accept is to love. Plus, I see Truth in these words “Right now, what many call love is addressed to someone, confined to someone. And love is not a phenomenon that can be confined” : love is not exclusive. When you get closer to someone, these are just persons that reflect the love you disperse. In short, they reflect the love others don’t reflect or dont with thesame frequency as yours. Nice post.

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