​The spontaneous teaching

On the liberative art

Perceiving the spontaneous teaching (that is, taught by one as the spontaneous result of his realization), holding the appropriate conscientious attitude, fixing the mind on the element (meditative concentration- fixing it upon name and blissful contemplation), and viewing objects as (both) existent and nonexistent [That is, transcendent wisdom that sees precisely the existence of the real and the nonexistence of the unreal. This helps in the foundational transmutation of one’s deepest consciousness.] : such is the fivefold liberative art process of identification.

One arrives at such perfection of identification at equality (with the other noble ones – the other seekers/teachers/masters/hermit-sages of beginningless past, present and future – in the uncontaminated realm), since the spiritual gene of noble beings is immaculate, equal, distinguished, without excess or deficiency; this is accepted as the process of identification.

It is distinguished by five distinctions: distinction of thorough purification, since the ‘fruits’ along with the instincts (intuitive wisdom) are thoroughly purified; distinction of universal purification, since the field is universally (universal in terms of gathering and perfecting one’s own stores of thousands of merit and virtue) purified; distinction of corpus, since it is the corpus of truth; distinction of beatitude, because uninterrupted spiritual beatitude fills all encounters and accomplishments one has in this life; and distinction of evolutionary  activity, since the aims of living beings are persistently accomplished by means of selfless deeds. In this path, there is uniqueness of the realizations because of the sameness of the ultimate reality, selflessness, and liberations.

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