​Artful effort, eagerness to share

The conscientious attitude of joy from the powers is the joy of the experience of the four powers. The four powers are those of the abandonment of the resistances, the full ripening of the gathered stores, the care of self and others, and the giving of the evolutionary and homogeneous results in the future. The conscientious attitude of the inexhaustible determination, at the beginning of the development of enlightened qualities in oneself and other living beings, arises when one determines not to be exhausted, either by the perverse activities of living beings or by all the sufferings which fall upon one.

For the sake of obtaining supreme enlightenment, there arises the conscientious attitude of the fourfold practice directed toward the resistances and their remedies: the (meditative) confession of stinginess and so on which are the resistances to generosity and so on; the congratulatory approval of the remedies, generosity and so on; the request to the Buddha (or any other individual who possesses perfect wakefulness) to teach the Dharma that possesses these remedies; and the total dedication of everything to enlightenment.

Further conscientious attitudes that nourish the transcendences are faith, receptivity, eagerness to share, armor, devotion, delight, and artful effort. There is the conscientious attitude of faith in the teaching and import that concern the transcendences, which begins from intensifying the power of faith. Beginning from the investigation of the teaching, there is the conscientious attitude of receptivity, which embraces the teaching and applies it without any condescension.

Beginning from (receiving) instruction, there is the conscientious attitude of eagerness to share, which has the purpose of elucidating for others the teaching and its import. Beginning from practice, there is the conscientious attitude of armoring, as one dons one’s armor in order fully to perfect one’s generosity and so on. There is the conscientious attitude of prayerful devotion, which undertakes to seek occasions for the full perfection of those good qualities (transcendences). There is the conscientious attitude of delight coming from rejoicing: “Ah! I must surely realize total success in the practice of generosity and so on!” These latter three conscientious attitudes in particular must be applied to precepts and instructions. There is the conscientious attitude of artful effort, which keeps all calculating thought intent upon every kind of generosity and so on (with the other transcendences).

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