​The Perfect Teacher

The teaching of supremely enlightened beings comes from scripture, realization, and mastery. It issues forth from the mouth, from all forms, and from space. “From mastery” refers to the teaching of those who have entered the great stages of perfect enlightenment. “From all forms” refers to teachings issuing forth even from nature itself, music, and so on.

The Spiritual Teacher’s perfect teaching should be recognized as extensive, doubt-dispelling, acceptable, and twofold in its demonstration of reality. The Teachers, great spiritual heroes, share the great gift of the liberative art (and Dharma), themselves in possession of four qualifications: full comprehension of the holy Dharma, cultivation of their own wisdom, success in the deeds of noble persons, and (the ability to) demonstrate both philosophical and liberational realities. 

Therefore, their teaching becomes extensive through great learning. Second, doubts are dispelled from their great wisdom, since it resolves others’ doubts. Third, it is fit for acceptance since their deeds are irreproachable. And fourth, they can teach thatness in a twofold way, (using) both realities (to teach) both the reality characterized as philosophical and the reality characterized as liberational.

The teaching of these best heroes is gentle, modest, tireless, clear, varied, reasonable, intelligible, non-exploitive, and universal. The Perfect Master’s teachings are said to be “gentle” because they do not speak rudely even when insulted by others; “modest” because they feel no pride in praise or success; “tireless” because they are inexhaustible; “clear” because they teach completely, free of the reticence of bad teachers; “varied” because they are never redundant; “reasonable” because they do not contradict validating reason; “intelligible” because their words and syllables are easily comprehensible; “non-exploitive” because they are not aiming for special favors from the faith (of their students); and universal” because they range over all three variant paths of enlightenment.

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