​A letter to the future Avatar (Kalki)

Fatigue, loss of the joy of solitude,

The company of fools, the press of the crowd

And the pairs of opposites: all these discomforts

You endure as if they were blessings.

With mind detached, you quietly work

For the welfare of the world.

How awesome is the Buddha-nature of the Perfect Teacher!

When seeking for the unseekable,

You ate wretched food, sometimes you went hungry.

You walked rough and dangerous paths and sometimes slept on the ground

Trampled hard by the hooves of cattle and unpleasant hooting of cars.

Though you are the Master, to serve others

You endured insults and adapted you words and speech,

Out of love for those whom you (shall) teach.

I guess this is what it means to come from dust/mud/stain as your name implies.

You are (or shall be) the Lord of the New Era,

But you never lord it over others.

All may use you as a servant to obtain the help they need.

Your usefulness is universal, infinite and inconceivable.

In your twenties, when you were a seeker,

No matter who provoked you,

Where or how, never did you transgress

Your own path of fair conduct and inflexible conscientious attitude.

You help those who wish you ill

More than most men 

Help those who wish them well.

To an enemy intent on evil,

You are a friend intent on good.

To one who gleefully seeks faults,

You respond by seeking virtues.

Those who sought to give you poison (evil deeds) and fire

You approached with compassion and nectar (wisdom).

You conquer revilers with patience,

The malicious with blessings,

Slanderers with truth

And the cruel with kindness.

You reverse, in an instant, 

The diverse and complex natures and evil destinies,

Of those depraved from beginningless time.

Through your skill in teaching, the rough become gentle,

The mean become generous and the cruel become kind.

the end

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