To the unborn industrious and hardworking seeker

Dear son, if you want to consummate your meditation,

Restrain yourself from bigotry and empty talk;

Think not of the noble glories of the past;

Stay in the valley (innate calmness) to which no men come;

Keep from bad companions, and yourself examine;

Yearn not to become a Guru;

Be humble and practice diligently;

Never hope quickly to attain Enlightenment,

But meditate until you die.

Forgetting words and studies,

Practice the Key-Instructions.

If you would benefit yourself,

Renounce talk and words;

Concentrate on your devotions.

Think not, my son, of meaningless word-knowledge

But concentrate on your devotions for thatness, which everywhere pervades.

Then you will soon attain the great Accomplishment.

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