​Enlightenment, Nirvana is right under your feet

One day, while lecturing his monks, Unmon asked, “Do you want to meet the old patriarchs?” Before anyone could answer, he pointed his stick above their heads and said, “The old  patriarchs are jumping on your heads.” 

Then he asked, “Do you wish to look them in the eye?” He pointed to the ground and said, “They are all under your feet.” After a moment, he spoke, as though to himself, saying “I made a feast in the joss house, but the hungry gods are never satisfied.”

The hungry gods are never satisfied

In China a joss house was a memorial chapel where incense was burned and offerings of food were made for the spirits of the dead. Unmon was a great Master, founder of the Unmon School, and he instructed more than ninety Zen Masters. He was known for his wisdom and oratory. Here, he advises that if you want to know the essence of Zen, as taught by the patriarchs, do not search in India, or in olden times: look here, on top of your head. 

Enlightenment, Nirvana, is right under your feet. Unmon taught so much that he made afeast (in the joss house), but “the hungry gods are never satisfied, “for they did not eat the food. We are the hungry gods, looking for Nirvana when we are already in it. Yet, this scenario is to all other enlightened men and women throughout history who make the rare decision to reach out to the world and teach their realization others while at the back of their minds they know that truth is the hardest commodity or discovery to sell to the world. It is not an easy task to develop others to the high peaks one has attained to because that very essence is inconceivably subtle – everyone has to experience it through their own intense and sincere efforts. In Christianity this is referred to The Narrow Path. The Buddha referred to it as The Middle Path, while George Gurdjieff called it The Third Way; Osho called it The Pathless Path; the examples are innumerable, but the essence being emphasized by all is one.

2 thoughts on “​Enlightenment, Nirvana is right under your feet

  1. I believe the story sets out to teach how thoughts are, above heads represents thoughts and under the feet represents how thoughts can change and when the hungry Gods are not satisfied, it represents the unending cycle of thoughts.

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