A disciple of Pythagoras once asked him, when was it permitted him to cohabit with his wife? To which that philosopher replied: “When you are tired of resting.” Théano, wife of Pythagoras, was also once asked: “How long does it take for a woman to be purified who has known a man?” To which she answered: “If it is with her husband, she is purified by the act, if with another she is forever defiled.  For, it is not marriage which sanctifies love, but love which justifies marriage.”

A true wife, that is a woman whose very soul palpitates in harmony with that of her husband or lover, is the greatest joy of life. Burns sang:

To make a happy fireside clime

For weans and wife,

Is the true pathos and sublime

Of human life.


Sing, little bird, it is dawn;

Cry! with the day the woods ring;

Now in the blush of the morn,


Love doth enchain me and cling,

Love, of the breeze that is born,

Love, with the breeze that takes wing.

Love that is lighter than scorn,

Love that is strong as a king,

Love, through the gate that is horn,


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