It happened that:

One Thursday night Mulla Nasrudin came home to supper. His wife served him baked beans. He threw his plate of beans against the wall and shouted, “I hate baked beans!”

“Mulla, I can’t figure you out,” his wife said. “Monday night you liked baked beans, Tuesday night you liked baked beans, Wednesday night you liked baked beans, and now all of a sudden on Thursday night you say you hate baked beans. This is inconsistent!”

Ordinarily you cannot eat the same thing every day. But the reason is not that it is the same thing, the reason is that it doesn’t suit you. One day you can tolerate a certain situation, another day it becomes too much for you to bear. And how can you tolerate it every day? If it suits you then there is no problem; you can live your whole life on it, and every day you can enjoy it, because it brings such harmony. It simply fits with you, it is in accord with you. You go on breathing; it is the same breath. You go on taking a bath; it is the same water. You go on sleeping from one night to another; it is the same sleep but it never bores. If it suits, then everything is okay. Then it is not a repetition at all. Something changes in quality and depth and breadth if awareness is introduced to the experienced – whether in mind or in the activity itself (physically) – it results in perfect meditation that cultivates the transcendence necessary to breed enlightenment as a fruition of their deeds rooted in wakefulness. 

Thence, Mulla Nasrudin here takes the persona of the ordinary person who has become conditioned to so many different things in his personal life that he one day wakes up and starts seeking for questions that will eventually lead to their enlightenment. It is actually after his enlightenment that the baked beans become a thousandfold more delicious.  The enlightened person enjoys every moment in a uniquely inconceivable way because they have attained the ability to remain totally present through every moment.

Repetition is one’s attitude. If anything where pure awareness is integrated 100% then fulfillment is realized. This awareness is the door to a Higher Life. If we are living perfectly in harmony with nature, then we don’t get to bother about the yesterday that has gone, you don’t carry it in your mind. You don’t compare your yesterdays with your today and you don’t project your tomorrows. You simply live here and now, you enjoy this moment.

Enjoyment of the moment has nothing to do with new things. One does not need to be in possession of something new in order to get to the height of a happy being. Enjoyment of the moment has certainly something to do with harmony. We can go on changing new things every day, but if they don’t suit, we will always be running from here to there and never finding any rest.


  1. I really like your premise. Perhaps we lack contentment, which in turn plays out in our dissatisfaction with life. Sometimes life just closes in and we have to throw the beans against the wall! That is called Change!
    Great post.

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