Grace lay on the psychiatrist’s couch.

“Close your eyes and relax,” said the shrink, “and I will try an experiment.” He took a leather key case from his pocket, flipped it open and shook the keys. “What did that sound remind you of?” he asked. “Sex,” she whispered. Then he closed his key case and touched it to the girl’s upturned palm. Her body stiffened. “And that?” asked the psychiatrist. “Sex,” Grace murmured nervously. “Now open your eyes,” instructed the doctor, “and tell me why what I did was sexually evocative to you.”

Hesitantly, her eyelids flickered open. Grace saw the key case in the psychiatrist’s hand and blushed scarlet. “Well—er—to begin with,” she stammered, “I thought that first sound was your zipper opening . . .”

The human mind is constantly projecting—projecting itself. One’s mind is constantly interfering with reality, giving it a color, shape, quality, intensity, meaning, name and form that are not its own. Your mind never allows you to see that which Is – Thatness; it allows you to see only that which it wants to see. Scientists used to think that our eyes, ears, nose, and our other senses, and the mind, were nothing but openings to reality, bridges to reality. But now the whole understanding has changed recently. Now they say our senses and the mind are not really openings to reality but guards against it. Only two percent of reality ever gets through these guards into you; ninety-eight percent of reality is kept outside. And the two percent that reaches you and your being is no longer the same. It has to pass through so many barriers, it has to conform to so many mind things, that by the time it reaches you it is no longer itself.

Meditation means putting the mind aside so that it no longer interferes with reality and you can see things as they truly are.

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