Preliminary: Individuality is not personality:
Personality is given generously by the society to us. Individuality is one’s intrinsic nature. Personality is fake, artificial, gloss, a fraud. Individuality is your innermost Buddha-nature, your innermost enlightenment, your innermost door to the divine.

Intellectuality is not intelligence: To be intellectual is to be phony; it is a pretending intelligence. It is not real because it is not yours; it is borrowed. Intelligence is the growth of inner consciousness. It has nothing to do with knowledge; it has something to do with meditativeness. An intelligent person does not function out of his past experience; he functions in the present. He does not react, he responds (with subtle spontaneity). Hence he is always unpredictable; one can never be certain what he is going to do.

A Catholic, a Protestant and a Jew were talking to a friend who said he had just been given six months to live following a cancer diagnosis.

“What would you do,” he asked the Catholic, “if your doctor gave you six months to live?”

“Ah!” said the Catholic. “I would give all my belongings to the Church, take communion every Sunday, and say my ‘Hail Marys’ regularly.”

“And you?” he asked the Protestant.

“I would sell up everything and go on a world cruise and have a great time!”

“And you?” he said to the Jew.

“Me? I would see another doctor.”

That is intelligence!


  1. I’m so clueless that I see all three as very intelligent responses!

    Accept fate and steady your heart with prayer and liturgy, accept fate and bid the world a fond farewell, look for options to delay the inevitable just a bit longer.

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