The ten supreme acts of a religiously-minded person


  1. A religious minded person if he gives up or does not give up the worldly activities for enlightenment’s sake, it is a supreme act.
  2. Once doubt is over, to contemplate over awakening or not to contemplate over, both are supreme acts.
  3. After the victory over passions (attachments), to do things passionately or impassionately is a supreme act.
  4. After the direct realization of Truth, sleeping in an empty cave or leading a large community on the right path is a supreme act.
  5. After recognizing the sight (perceptions) as illusion or dream, to live in solitude on a mountain-top or to wander about the world is a supreme act.
  6. If an individual has attained the freedom of mind, whether he abandons the desirable things or upholds them is a supreme act.
  7. In an individual practicing transcendental meditation, whether he meditates in solitude or does welfare to the other beings is a supreme act.
  8. If an individual, who has deep faith towards the guru, remains with the guru or does not remain with him is a supreme act.
  9. If an individual who has heard much and understood the meaning of enlightenment, whether he attains transcendence or comes across hindrances, both are supreme acts.
  10. If a seeker who has attained supreme realization demonstrates signs of perfection or does not do it, it is a supreme act.


Training in moral discipline consists of the accord of gift, ethics and manners, and patience;

Training in meditation involves the concentration;

While training in wisdom is concluded by the proper application of knowledge.


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