Greed begets delusion – Part II

The  Mulla  found  a  rusty  coin  by  the roadside. He  took  it  to the  market,  where  a  jeweller said:  “This  is  a  valuable antique”, and  gave him  five  silver pieces for  it. ” I’ll  invest this in cloth”, thought Nasrudin. A  merchant,  anxious to  get  rid  of  some  surplus  material, sold him his entire  stock of  rough felt  for five silver pieces. As  soon  as  it  was  his,  the  buying agents  of  a  certain  king, about  to  start  a military  campaign  and  needing  uniform fabric, bought it for  a  thousand silver  pieces. While Nasrudin  was  counting  his  money,  a silversmith, who had a  special order to complete in a  hurry,  gave  him  five hundred  gold  pieces for  the  silver  –  far  in  excess  of  the  value of the coins. Nasrudin took his gold and started homeward. Just  at  the  gate  of  his  house  a robber  held  him  up  and  took the bag  of  gold.

His wife  came  rushing  to  the door: “What was the extent of  your  loss, Mulla?” Nasrudin shrugged: “A rusty  coin  I  picked up  this morning”. 

Here the Sage, Mulla, is trying to communicate something of essence to us. He seeks to show the flaws in businesses and how we take losses too seriously. All enlightened masters and mystics teach only one lesson all their lives: DETACHMENT. Detachment is the only source of happiness and fulfilment in everything one does. Whoever masters the art of detachment at a subtle level automatically masters life. Detachment has little to do with renunciation but everything to do with enlightenment and living a mentally and spiritual life. It is only when we detach from objects that we gain tremendous wisdom and transcence concerning those very objects. 

4 thoughts on “Greed begets delusion – Part II

  1. Wise words. Sadly, greed rules the world, and our very existence has been demoted to a price we can earn, and our survival depends on our buying power. It doesn’t have to be this way.


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