​Confucius: Fish forget that they live in water


Once upon a time, a young fish asked an old fish: “Everyone talks about this thing they call ‘ocean.’ What the heck is it?” The older and wiser fish answered: “The ocean is this thing that surrounds you on all sides.” The younger fish didn’t understand: “There’s nothing around me! Why can I not see this ‘ocean’?”

“Of course you cannot,” the old fish was patient. “The ocean is both inside and outside of you. You were born in the ocean and chances are you will die in it. The ocean flows around you, just as your own skin does.”

Confucius once said, “Fish forget they live in water; people forget they live in the Truth.” We all live in the ocean of Truth. It flows over us; it is within us and all around us. It enfolds us like our own skin, and yet we cannot perceive it… indeed, most of us have no idea what it is. Let us think of Truth as the universal flow of reality. This will take us another step toward true understanding of enlightenment.

4 thoughts on “​Confucius: Fish forget that they live in water

  1. Ahhh!!! This is too perfect! I wrote to a friend yesterday regarding faith:

    Faith is helping me see that I am thrashing around in water trying to see my feet. My instinct tells me to thrash, but if I float, I see my feet quite clearly. As I see my feet, I realize that it is not my instinct to thrash, it is another thought. My instinct is to always float, but it is difficult to feel this. To hear. To understand.

    The more I see my feet, the easier it becomes then to float, even if my thoughts still tell me to thrash, because now I’ve seen my feet and I know how to see them. But faith has given me the truth. The truth is whether I thrash or whether I float: I am in the water either way. And now it’s very easy to smile.

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  2. The ultimate goal of faith is Truth. Even faith itself has to be transcended at some point for the truth to take control. Faith is utter silence within, where prejudices or thoughts don’t arise. Faith is the mother of all wisdom. This is how these dynamics work. They are very exact in manifestation. Faith is everything.


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