​Love is enough unto itself


If your love is not the ordinary, biological instinctive love, if it is not part of your ego, if it is not a power trip to dominate someone; if your love is just a pure joy, rejoicing in the being of the other for no reason at all, a sheer joy, awareness will follow this pure love just like a shadow. You need not worry about awareness.

There are only two ways: either you become aware, then love follows as a shadow; or you become so loving that awareness comes on its own accord. They are two sides of the same coin. You need not bother about the other side; just keep one side, the other side cannot escape. The other side is bound to come. Therefore, the path of love is easier, rosier, innocent, and simple. The path of awareness is a little arduous.

Those who cannot love, for them I suggest the path of awareness. There are people who cannot love—their hearts have become stones. Their upbringing, their culture, their society has killed the very capacity to love — because this whole world is not run by love, it is run by cunningness. To succeed in this world you don’t need love, you need a hard heart and a sharp mind. In fact, you don’t need the heart at all.

Thus have heard about one great politician who was in the hospital and who had some great complications with his heart. So they put him on a plastic heart and took out his real heart, because it was going to take hours to clean it. And certainly a politician’s heart—even if you can clean it in hours, it is too soon. The surgeons were working in the other room—it was a disgusting job— and the politician was lying down. A man came into the room and shook the politician; he opened his eyes and the man said, “What are you doing here? You have been chosen the prime minister of the country.” He jumped out of the bed. The doctors looked from the other room, “What is happening?” The politician was going out. They said, “Wait! Your heart, we are cleaning it.” The politician said, “Now, at least for five years I won’t need it. You can clean it as much as you want. Take your time. What does a prime minister need a heart for? But keep it safe in case something goes wrong; then I will come back. But if things go well, I may perhaps never need it.”

In this world the heart is not needed. The people of the heart are crushed, exploited, oppressed. This world is run by the cunning, by the clever, by the heartless and the cruel. So the whole society is managed in such a way that every child starts losing his heart, and his energy starts moving directly towards the head. The heart is, unfortunately, ignored, to the detriment of the good souls that would otherwise live pure bliss and love.

18 thoughts on “​Love is enough unto itself

  1. “Therefore, the path of love is easier, rosier, innocent, and simple. The path of awareness is a little arduous.

    Those who cannot love, for them I suggest the path of awareness”. : rosier? Path of love? Philip? I don’t know about that. Maybe simple,innocent, but rosier? Hmmmm. Yes, the world is ruled by the cunny and all that, but that’s why we are adviced “be gentle as a dove,wise as a serpent: for our own good.😑

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  2. Hahaha! Whoever gets attached to mere words miss the essence. You see contradictions because the contradiction is actually in you, not in me. If my message had confusion I wouldn’t be here talking. I like this!


  3. By the way thanks for your inquisitiveness. If it’s genuine you will awaken by that very effort. If its not you will realize that my effort here to awaken people arises from an indefatigable Source which would imply unassailability, which means that if you insincerely (or selfishly) oppose my message of truth you will simply get tired. By nature, even elephants pave way for the lions. My message doesn’t profess literary perfection but an inner flowering that would be a waste of time to chatter about and then tire like the imbecile pundits do every Sunday!!

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  4. I am okay with being the elephant, lion or even the ant.

    It is also okay if I am the one giving way or he who is given way to.

    It’s also okay if you feel I bear contradictions within me.

    Thank you. 🙏

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  5. Interesting conversation above … but I totally agree with your thoughts Philip because you have to experience that love to understand it Check my poem Love :An elixir to life something related to your message Have a wonderful day

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  6. The bible says so. An enlightened man can never say such shallow wisdom. Jesus was different from what the bible depicts of him. Funny that the same people who lethally killed him are the same people in the modern days that profess to understand him!

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  7. Men, I really don’t know; I just work with my experiences but if I see some words that seems reasonable, I acknowledge it. It just boils down to been oneself irrespective of how ‘that self’ is perceived ; lion,doves,serpent or what have you. Just be yourself; it’s really that simple. Thank you.

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  8. Thanks for that equanimity. I support you by all means. While, even experience has to be perfected through continuous seeking for a higher and more refined understanding of things. There should be no resting place for the truly wise individual.


  9. I do not intend to seek any more thing Philip; now, it’s more of an inner purification or sanctification if you may ; this way, what is sought after will come to me instead.

    Plus, this way, I am sure of what I have received: you can seek and get lost you know? But with sanctification, the sure thing, which the spiritual seeker hunts, comes to him or her.

    To be in a state of receptivity is my route: haha maybe because I am a lady but ofcourse, am just kidding, even the males can be in the state of receptivity.

    When it comes to transformation, their are no gender roles.

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  10. Philip – you’ve moved me to write on this very topic indeed today. There are several points I have been musing on this and this morning I woke with a fire in my belly to write on love.

    As you say – love and awareness are two sides of the same coin and I agree wholeheartedly. I understand your words perfectly. For in awareness, the illusion of duality ceases to be the mosquito of confusion in your ears and eyes. In awareness or in love, compassion becomes the compass to all. Yet many see this vision of martyrdom and self sacrifice. They learn that love must be externalized and do not understand to receive. I myself spent many long years on this lonely road. In this vessel, I would not be a friend to myself. Yet just last night, I randomly hugged myself. And I felt such joy and bliss. For I know no greater connection to the beloved, to what is greater than me than through my own heart. Through my own mind. All that I’ve done and learned etc has been through this experience in this vessel and how beautiful it is! And in that beauty, I see all seeking in their own ways, and on and on. Awareness led me to love. Yet, too, my children led me to love. For my heart exploded into feathers when they came to me. And my life was one of service to them.

    Ram Dass opened my eyes, thankfully, to my ego even here!!! You can help no one. That is your ego. You can only help yourself. For your words or actions to resonate with another, they must first resonate with yourself. We can all only advance as far as I am able to advance. When I feel pulled to help someone, help myself, for that is ego. “But what about my kids?” “What about them? You can’t do anything. Help yourself!” I see where this can be misinterpreted lol but for me, it was a resounding wake up call.

    As far as love, I remain that we must all remember it is not currency. I cannot exchange love or take it away. Love is it. It would be as easy to stop breathing to stop loving. It is similarly as easy to breathe to feel love. It just is. It’s our nature. There’s much more I can say, but yes. I agree. I am however grateful for the many who have broken my heart and so on. They are my greatest teachers. The ones we see now in such great opposition to love merely create those of us searching for love. I am thankful. Ram Dass said police create hippies and hippies create police.

    We’re a process. A beautiful one at that ❤️

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  11. Thanks a lot for this thoughtful message of love. There is an inexhaustible joy and bliss that arises from one’s own self love and realization. This is the nexus to something higher and subtler. Awareness leads to unconditional love. Its that automatic. The appearance of children in one’s life has the potential of opening up some inner beauties that are beyond explanation. Its a kind of inner flowering that comes when the love is TOTAL.

    As Ram tries to erudite, we are able to be of help to others (universal responsibility) when we free ourselves from the strong grip of ignorance and darkness. This is sacred formula for a better world that the greatest men have taught. Duality makes beings think they are on separate paths.

    Love is surely not a currency. The failure to understand this is the cause of all world misery. To just realize this is enlightenment. You are very Awakened! The adversities that we encounter are only there to Awaken the genius in us. That is where practice should be integrated and if done properly the necessary transcendences are attained and inconceivable bliss and resplendence follows. This small realization causes acres of difference between ANY two individuals.

    We are indeed a process. A beautiful one at that since the process follows certain immutable laws that reward generously whatever seeds we plant every moment.


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