​Belief is diametrically opposite to trust

It is true in the beginning that doubt is important in order for one to progress swiftly on the path towards perfect awakening. Doubt helps cultivate your intelligence, it sharpens it. Sincerely questioning makes you aware of many possibilities of which you may not have been aware before. But this is only the beginning of the journey. At the end, when all your questions begins to disappear and one’s understanding and transcendental clarity blossoms like a lotus flower. Yet the real master never gives you the answer; answers only serve to massage the ego if they are given in the first place. It is worth repeating that: the real master never gives you the answer, so you cannot doubt it —doubt or self-deception does not arise. He brings you to a point where all your questions disappear. His answers are spiritually murderous, killing (a good example is the Kalki Avatar whose activities follow this model of Teaching) your questions, destroying them mercilessly, to bring you to a point where there is no question in your consciousness.

The perfect master does not give you any answer that you can doubt. This non-questioning consciousness is the answer. And it is your experience; you cannot doubt it, it is there. From this point, silence and intelligence are just two aspects of the same thing. From this point, not knowing, innocence and knowing are two aspects of the same thing. This is the mysterious world which is available to you if you can pass the jungle of questions and doubts and reach into the clear (an OASIS, where all thirst is quenched fully), where there are no questions and doubts, and no answers either. Just you are in utter silence, with immense clarity, with tremendous sharpness.

That’s why all enlightened philosophers and masters of the past, present and future always appear to be against belief, because it will never allow you to reach to this stage. It will, miserably, stop you in the very beginning of the journey. It will not help to make you more intelligent; it will make you more unintelligent. It will make you more fanatic, superstitious, but it will not allow you to come into the clarity which can be called the very goal of what transpires between master and disciple: the moment of total silence, the moment where everything is crystal clear. This is enough to give an erudition of why the modern day followers of different great masters —Vishnu, Zoroaster, Osho, Jesus, Buddha, Lao, Muhamad and so forth —are unable to find enlightenment: became they are trapped on the initial stage which, as all of these eminent supremely Awakened men have taught, should be fearlessly transcended.

But great trust has to be earned since it leads to the various transcendences and consequent realizations. On the other hand, belief is cheap —anyone can become a Christian or Hindu or Buddhist etc. Transcending belief and doubt brings something totally different, what the wise call ‘trust in existence’. In the dictionaries and encyclopedias, trust and belief and faith are all synonymous — but not in reality. No one in the world can defraud or cheat reality. Reality has always been there and therefore wordlessly knows everything. Belief is diametrically opposite to trust. You believe because you have doubt; the belief is an antidote to doubt, it is a need to cover up the doubt. Trust is when you don’t have any doubt, so trust is not a belief. Belief is always in something — in some doctrine, in some principle, in some philosophy.

Trust is in the totality of the cosmos —enlightenment. It has nothing to do with books—Holy Bibles, Gitas, Korans— no. Then there is only one scripture which is spread all around you — in the trees, in the rivers, in the ocean, in the stars, in everything and everywhere one sees Isness. And you don’t have to read it; you have to be just silent, and it starts showering on you all its wisdom, which is eternal.  The wise men and women of the past, present and future appear to be against mere belief because they want you to come to the point of trust, which is the beginning of all enlightenment.

12 thoughts on “​Belief is diametrically opposite to trust

  1. Yes. Going back to my earlier comments: I now understand so much from silence. A friend told me our beliefs shape our reality. If you believe money, for example, is bad – nothing but bad will come of money because there is a negative attachment. It limits your possibility, if nothing else.

    In this new understanding, I see now my thoughts just are. I don’t need to engage with them, but I can if I do. There is no reason to get all worked up in all of this. These great masters serve to guide us to the truth that we are perfect in every moment. I could sit here in anxiety “why are you commenting to Philip, you should get laundry done” etc etc. or, I trust myself and trust all because it’s all the same process. Like the Chinese proverb or maybe. Maybe I comment to you because something I say you needed to hear, or someone else. Maybe it directs you to tell me something I needed to hear. Maybe is the most transformative solution to all my chatters. How can I argue around it? Maybe anything. Maybe opens the doors to infinity because infinity is … infinite hahahaha

    In every moment, all is as it is because it is. If I forget, I breathe. Ah! I’ve done it. I’m still here. Hahaha. I’ll never say I’m close to the end of anything, I’ve only ever taken the first step. For I have no idea where in the continuum I ever truly am. I do know, though, when I look back at anything I thought was the worst, it never actually was. Same for the best. This leads me now to acceptance and allowance. I’m curious. I find myself looking at the world in a state of … I wonder. I wonder where this will go and where I will go. I don’t want to force myself or my life anymore. I’d rather open my arms and allow. My brain argues it’s insanity. Yet I’ve been successful my whole life and completely miserable. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, so I say maybe. 😊

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  2. Yes. Do you know the last words of Einstein: He said if there is another life for him he would love to be a plumber instead of a theoretical/nuclear physicist. He was at the edge. For sure he was going to be enlightened in his immediate next life.

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  3. This brings a question for me. I’ve been trying to make heads or tails for awhile now: what is the difference between awakened and enlightened? Are there stages to each? I hear of satori as being like floating, and though I’ve experienced this weightlessness in meditation, I lack the discipline as yet to carry this over in my day to day yet. In solitude, yes, but I struggle with the countenance around others – I slip back in my old ways like a robot. I take this as I have more practice ahead. But I cannot decipher from the various writing if awakening and enlightenment are synonyms or if one leads to the next. Sometimes, they seem used interchangeably and sometimes they do not seem to be. To me, they do seem to be synonymous.

    But to not ask, would make me a fool for a lifetime as opposed to a fool for a moment 🤣

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  4. This is the loveliest question I have heard in a decade. They are very different. One awakens to enlightenment. Awakening is the process through which one reaches to enlightenment. Yet even enlightenment itself is a continuum that consists of innumerable stages. This is, of course, where everyone gets lost because stages are to be transcended in the end. All this happens I’m accordance with one’s purity of effort and determination. Awakening might happen accidentally but enlightenment comes through conscious effort to attain the inner divine ear that has the ability to perceive objective reality and more.

    The weightlessness is a herald of Thatness. The perfect realization.

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  5. Oh this makes such lovely perfect sense now. I’ve gotten so worried when people tell me I’ve awakened. I’m like oh my, I’m as clueless as ever hahahahahaha.

    Yes – Alan Watts was speaking of voiding the void. My mind was just blown at the realization of all the things I am understanding now that I could not understand before. It seems daily sparks if Inspiration and clarity alight. It’s mesmerizing and even then, I whisper not to cling even here. It’s sidhi. Fireworks. Fireflies. Pretty and lovely, and wondrous in the moment but not thatness. Not the ultimate. And even that word misleads because it gives me a finish line visual and I remind myself I’m in no race. I’m in no competition. I’ve already won by the fact I’m here conversing with you, by my ability to experience and exist and learn. All of everything is life and the purpose of life is to live. Much beyond is traps of ego. When I feel urges to run or praise, I am training myself to sit and breathe. And I say that not to praise myself but because I know deeply in sharing my stories as we all do, we all learn. It’s a miracle purely to be here.

    I muse that often. Finding you even – how simple of a connection, yet profound the odds. In finding you, I feel so much comfort, solace, connection, peace. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love, my dearest friend. Thank you so much for your wisdom, always.

    Your words guide me to give my efforts more ardor as they resonate with me on a very deep level.

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  6. Thanks. Your approbation renders me almost wordless. I also find it miraculous that am here now, to witness a New Age that will definitely set the pace for future generations as regards to search and attainment of the Great Path. We are slowly forming a foundation then the coming generations will just jump upon our backs and shoulders as they reach for their “Higher Selves”. Existence does not make mistakes at all. We are not here by mistake; only the greedy and ignorant see mistakes and inconsistencies. The Awakened on the other hand see opportunities to help others realize their potential and helping them across to the other shore (voiding the void).


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  7. Yes. Would that I could contribute a small pebble in the mountain we all climb, I’d smile in the knowing my pebble and mountain were of equal size and importance.

    My ego wants me to believe I’m so great and mighty and wise and wondrous, but I’m here in my fleece pajamas, surrounded my clean folded clothes, secured in the giggles that I’m no greater than any. Just a wide eyed seeker, just a baby girl who put her foot in her mouth and is delightfully sucking on her toes hahahahaha

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