Things do not exist, yet they are perceived. There is no nonattachment, yet there is purification.  It is like a magical illusion or the sky. Though a technically accurate painting lacks height and depth, they appear there. Likewise, there is never any duality in unreal construction, yet it appears.

When water is muddy and then clears, its clarity is not produced by that (muddiness) but is just the removal of the taint. The principle is just the same in the purification of one’s own mind. It is accepted that the mind which is always naturally luminous is flawed by accidental faults; and it is decreed that there is no other mind apart from the mind of reality which is naturally luminous. Hence the mind is like water. Just as water is pure but polluted by accidental pollutants, mind is accepted as naturally luminous but accidentally flawed by accidental faults. It is decreed that apart from the reality-mind there is no other mind of a relative nature which has natural luminosity. Therefore, “mind” is to be understood here as the “suchness of mind”.


  1. Yes. This is perfect Philip. Our minds are as they are. As awareness grows, you see the truth that you cannot quiet your mind, which then helps your mind to quiet. It is the effort and non effort that creates the muddy waters. It’s life and life is not clean crisp lines. There is order and chaos. Dependent upon each other as process. As front needs back.

    This acceptance comes in stillness. A focus on breath or heartbeat or mantra. There’s too much confusion around quieting the mind yet maybe the frustration is the friction needed to fuel the fires of discipline to keep practicing for the liberation that comes.

    My liberation is the feeling I no longer must keep these appearances and masks and illusions. I find it becomes easier and easier to allow my thoughts to flow from my mind to my mouth because my filters fall away as I crave authentic conversation and expression. This is the gift of the luminous mind. The gift of liberation. There’s more, but that’s enough

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  2. That is perfect wisdom of liberation! You have given a very candid elucidation on the nature of self Realization with regards to the luminous mind. It is such by nature, beyond effort and noneffort, a place where all masks and apparent appearances become unneeded and unnecessary. That is a blessedly beautiful awareness!

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