​In the end, nothing really matters

A man who is deluded by having things loses all opportunities of attaining to the state of being.
I have heard about a man:

He went to Florida with his wife, and became fascinated by the spectacle of eight horses chasing each other around a track. He and his wife bet heavily, and after a few days they had only two dollars left between them. But he was a hopeful type and he convinced his wife that everything would be all right if she let him go out to the track alone. A friend drove him out. There was a forty-to-one shot in the first race, and he decided to bet on it. The horse came in.

In every race the man backed the long shot, and in every race he won. By the end of the last race he had over ten thousand dollars, and he decided to press his lucky streak. On the way back to the hotel he stopped off at a little gambling club and ran his stake up to forty thousand on the roulette wheel. One more play, he decided, and he would leave. He put the entire forty thousand on black. The wheel spun. The croupier announced, ‘Number fourteen, red.’ The man walked back to the hotel. His wife called him from the verandah. ‘How did you make out?’ she asked eagerly. The husband shrugged: ‘I lost the two dollars.’

In the end, when death comes, the whole game of thousands and thousands of dollars, achieving this, attaining that, becoming this, becoming that, the power, the prestige, the money, the respectability — nothing counts. Finally you have to say only, ‘I have lost my being.’ In running, rushing into the dimension of having, only one thing happens — you lose your being. Life is a great opportunity, a great opportunity to attain to a higher state-of-being. In fact, there are millions of opportunities in it to attain to yourself, to know who you are. But that comes the hard way. You have to work for it.

One shouldn’t try to borrow the experience of awakening lest they deepen their own spiritual sleep and unawareness. Nothing can be borrowed in that inner world. And also they shouldn’t try to become just knowledgeable for the sake of it. Attain to a clarity, attain to a vision where no thought exists in your mind. This is the hardest thing in the world. To drop thoughts is the hardest thing in the world, the greatest challenge. All other challenges are very small. This is the greatest adventure that you can take and those who are courageous, they accept the challenge and go into it.

The greatest challenge is how to drop the mind, because only when the mind ceases, the God can be. Only when the known disappears, the unknown can be. Only when there is no mind, no you, nothing of you left, suddenly there is that which you have been seeking forever and forever. God is when you are not. This is the hardest thing to do.

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