​Mere knowledge accumulation is like celibacy

A very rich old man had remained a bachelor all his life. Now he was nearing seventy-five. Then suddenly a friend, a married friend, convinced him that he should get married. ‘You should not miss this pleasure,’ he said. So he decided to get married. Because he had so much money he immediately found a beautiful girl. Off they went on their honeymoon.
He took the married friend and his wife with him as guides in this new exploration. The next morning they met in the motel at breakfast. The friend had given him every bit of information about sex and how to make love and what to do and what not to do. “What a fantastic time I had last night,” said the married man. “We went to bed last night. My wife was eager, I was eager and we had a marvelous night of love. What about you, old man?”

“Oh, my God!” said the old rich man, “I forgot clean about it!”

After a whole life of bachelorhood, even if somebody guides you, tells you things about and you memorize them, they don’t have any deep contact with your being—they simply float above your head. They don’t touch you. The old man said, “Oh my God! I forgot clean about it!” Seventy-five years of sleeping alone creates a mechanical habit of its own.

Similarly, if you go on accumulating mere knowledge, it creates a habit; it never gives you any knowledge but it gives you a habit, a habit for accumulating more, a very dangerous habit. Even if you come across a Buddha or a Jesus or a great mystic, you will miss, because there also you will be accumulating. You will be taking notes inside the mind—“Yes, this is right, worthy of being remembered.” Your accumulation will become bigger and bigger but you will be just like a dead museum, or, a museum of dead things. Yet the more you are concerned with this ‘having knowledge’, the less will be the possibility for the real knowledge to be there; the knowledge that comes by knowing being, by BEING, will be missed.

The mind is nothing but that which you have collected up to now. The mind is all that you have inside your being. Beyond the mind is your real being, beyond ‘having’ is your real being. Outside you have collected things; inside you have collected thoughts—both are in the dimension of having. When you are no longer attached to things and when you are no longer attached to thoughts, suddenly — the open sky, the open sky of being. And that’s the only thing worth having and the only thing that you can really have.

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