​When adversity comes

​When adversity comes,

it may be the cause of beneft.

When worldly friendships grow cold,

spiritual friendships open up.

Why should one compete with others in

the world of dreams?

Let the body and mind go,

and then one will see the world of truth.

The erudition above deals with two issues. First, when we have the willpower but lack physical ability, how should we face setbacks? When there is adversity, how do we deal with it? Adversity, actually, can be seen as a beneficial condition. The dangerous cliffs and mountains are a heaven for mountain climbers. The ever-changing sky is a paradise for aviators. When there is adversity we learn to be cautious, thinking of ways to overcome it. Adversity gives us the opportunity to transform a difficult situation into a beneficial environment.

Second, in human relations we generally wish that others would treat us warmly. When we are faced with coldness we may feel bad and get upset. Actually this should come as no surprise to us. Worldly relations are fickle and change suddenly as our situations change. While relations based on spiritual practice and the truth endure.

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