Intermezzo on the attitudes of friendship

1. Do not wish not to get sick. — If there is no sickness it is easy to become greedy.

2. In handling affairs, do not wish for lack of difficulties. — If there are no difficulties it is easy to become proud.

3. In understanding and exploring the mind, do not wish for a lack of obstacles. — If there are no obstacles, whatever we learn will be of little value.

4. In cultivation, do not wish for a lack of hindrances. — Without hindrances, our vows cannot be farm.

5. In work, do not wish to succeed easily. — If things come too easily we will not develop perseverance.

6. In making friends, do not use the friendship for your own benefit. — It is unethical to take advantage of a friendship for personal gain.

7. In dealing with others, do not expect them to yield to you all the time. — When others continually yield to your wishes, your arrogance will grow.

8. When being charitable, do not expect it to be returned. — If we expect to be paid back we have an ulterior motive and are no longer practicing altruism.

9. Do not expect to share in others’ profits. — If we expect to share in others’ profits, our craving will be stirred.

10. Do not seek vindication when you are wronged. — If you seek vindication, your hatred and anger will grow.
On the surface, these ten points seem to represent adversity, but actually they give us beneficial opportunities. In facing adverse conditions we are able to improve ourselves. These ten points refute normal ways of seeing human relations and bring us closer to living in accord with the teachings loyal to truth.

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