The genius within

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Your ego believes you need to win the lottery to be happy because your ego does not understand you already won the lottery with your first breath. Your ego was taught by everyone else to think otherwise. Your ego is a necessary part of life, yet not entirely. It’s pretty much like driving a car. You need it in some situations, but not to go to the bathroom. You need awareness to discern the true you, and your ego.

What is the true you? No one can answer that but you. Again, words and concepts need to be done away with here. So many have tried and failed. The true you is quite like the baby you were sucking on your toes. Yet, not really. The true you is you when you are mesmerized by beauty and words fail you. The true you is when you feel there is more to you then meets the eye. The true you is behind your eyeballs, where you cannot see, yet staring right back at you in the mirror.


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