​Logic is the most important science of all learning

All human knowledge should be examined and evaluated through logic. Logic is the most important science of all learning. If one knows logic, all other studies become secondary. Generally speaking, logic is the study of judgment and definitions, of which the most important subjects are the studies of direct experience, of inference and deduction, of ‘sufficient reasoning’ and ‘false-reasoning,’ of ‘non-decisive proofs,’ and of the patterns for constructing propositions.

When one eats the food of false knowledge (non-liberative knowledge) — which tastes like [a dish of] vegetable greens cooked with dust and ashes but without any salt or seasoning —their stomach is filled with arrogance and egotism! Then from the upper part of their body they belch with self-conceit and vomit the waste of jealousy; from the lower part they break the wind of slandering and discharge the output of vanity. They are then caught by the deadly sickness of injuring-all. Therefore, false-reasoning only enhances the cravings and attachments of the ignorant. Consequently, their hypocritical and pretentious priestly manner contains the element of both FALSE and DELUSIONAL reasoning.

The individual who finds and practices the proper liberative art (it always happens as if by accident, though, to encounter the correct teaching/truth) automatically finds the antidote to that great ‘sickness’ of ignorance. For, all manifestations consist in mind, and mind itself is the illuminating-voidness without any shadow or impediment. Of this truth, the truly awakened individual gains a decisive understanding; therefore not a single trace of inference or deduction can be found in their minds. 


It is only because we do not understand ourselves that our minds are veiled by temporal blindness; we, as a result, begin to wander in the inconceivable darkness of ignorance and suffering and become miserable sentient beings-of-desire. He who [fully] realizes his own mind, is called the Enlightened One, the Pure One, or the Buddha, and he attains Nirvana.

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