​Prophecies concerning the appearance of Lord Kalki

As the 10,000 year period of the Golden Age within Kali-yuga comes to a close, the lower modes of material nature will become so strong that people will lose interest in spiritual topics. Everyone will become godless. The devotees, bhaktas, and sages that are left on the planet by this time will be so unique in character, and peculiar compared with the rest of society, that they will be ridiculed and hunted down in the cities for sport like animals (as it happened to Osho Rajneesh in Greece, Oregon and many other such cases). Thus, they will flee the cities to live underground in caves (this is metaphoric, meaning solitude such as that one of Ramana Maharshi and so forth) or high up in the mountains, or simply disengage from the earthly plane of existence. They will even leave the once pious land of India, as explained in the Kalki Purana, wherein Vishnuyasha said: “At present, the pious Brahmanas have left this country (India), having been chastised by the powerful Kali, who is envious of saintly persons, and who destroys the practice of religious principles.” 

In this way, genuine saintly or spiritually advanced persons will disappear from the face of the earth. That is the time when the dark influence of the age of Kali will become so dominant, unleashing all of its influence, that all of the prophecies, as described differently in all world scriptures, will manifest without hindrance —as have already happened in this day and age (2018). 

Things will become so bad as the years go by that this world will be like one of the hellish planets in which people are born to suffer. There will be corruption in government and police, and they will be no better, worse in fact, than common criminals. Common citizens will have no protection. They will be subjected to the worst of crimes with no solution. Everyone will be fighting with each other. The world will slide into a state of constant war and chaos. Finally, after 2,500 years from the beginning of the age of Kali, Lord Kalki will appear as the tenth avatara of God, the immediate previous one being Lord Buddha Gautama.

—Adapted from Kalki Purana

12 thoughts on “​Prophecies concerning the appearance of Lord Kalki

  1. I must admit that is too much to read. But just glancing at a few paragraphs I can explain the confusion concerning Osho. The wicked allegations against him should serve to explain that even God himself has nothing to do with good or evil. Osho was an enlightened being, but largely misunderstood and misinterpreted for one BIG REASON: He never came for the masses but to prepare the way for Maitreya. Some things can never be understood by unenlightened persons hence the reason why there is so much negative talk about him.
    From now on you should understand why, when I go to the East, I take the wisdom and “kill” the man. But when I come to the west I keep both the man and the message. Because the world would never accept these men, even the Buddha himself. The world is now too removed from deliverance. And truth has become so fabricated and politicised that it has become impossible for people to know or understand enlightenment.

    I would love for us to continue with this discussion since I can’t place all thoughts in one comment. Thanks for the brilliance.

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  2. And with all that transmission crap, all those are spiritual theories that lack proper grounding regardless of who propounded them, be it rajneesh or his malicious followers who went talking bad about their spiritual teacher; . Imbecility, because someone like that who has faulty thinking or reasoning goes to a master expecting to find enlightenment as an object hence the reason osho didn’t enlighten even a single man to higher consciousness. Yet the same go on criticising such a man not knowing that it is because of their own delusion and impurities that cause them not to awaken!

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  3. I suggest you make time to read it through — open mindedly.

    I don’t know if Osho, Lama or the Pope are quacks.

    Through all this, I just learnt that, no matter how conscious or awake you are, bits of your humanity remains and its neither good or bad.

    Above all, we all have the Buddha within us, teachers are just guides.
    Eventually, it only we who get to walk the path.

    If we are really attentive, nature, life can be our teachers.

    The best teachers teach with their own lives; their life is their message.

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  4. All you have said is 100% true. Teachers are just guides who have perfected their wisdom and enlightenment as a result of practicing well and honestly, with an unsurpassed sincerity of intention, thereby attaining a peculiar elixir. So if we are all Buddhas then even the ordinary fool in the street is a Buddha too. Just that some men are more sincere and more honest in their search than others, which explains why some are more enlightened than others. In all nature there is a hierarchy, people wouldn’t recognize this because it goes against their own selfishness and ego.

    And glad to know your “innocence” that none of those are charlatans. Hahaha! Excuse my silly laughter.

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  5. You are excused ; no discomfort at all.

    True we all have the Buddha or Christ Nature the only issue is that most of us are still sleeping.

    And unfortunately, might remain so until death.

    As for the honesty of the Lama, Pope or Osho, of what business have I in analyzing whether or not those trio are genuine?

    For what do I care ? so long as they don’t affect my way of life? I live the way I deem fit.

    I would rather invest all my energy in living my best life than checking if someone is in deed genuine.

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  6. You are truly awake. We all have the buddha-nature or christ-nature in us, in potential. Question: why are those beings still asleep not yet awakened? What interest do they have in their own sleep? What are the benefits of a world where 99.9% of men dwell in spiritual sleep, from the high priest, to the president to the lowest citizen? What is it about abhorrence of truth that really turns these fallen souls on? I am the seeker here, seeking for satisfactory answers.

    Just like you, a Buddha or a Christ first invests all their energy to their own bliss, but they later transcend that stage for their irreproachable LOVE for the world. If all enlightened beings sat on their realizations without an interest to discomfort or awaken others, thats how darkness continues to rule. I also care less about all these individuals, just that in pointing out some truths they have to appear in conversations from time to time depending on the depth of the question. But, I too, have no interest at all to waste my brain energy analyzing characters. Mine is just to clear mist here and there, and to settle any doubts that i deem necessary to, again depending on the sincerity of the questioner.

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  7. “…….If all enlightened beings sat on their realizations without an interest to discomfort or awaken others, that’s how darkness continues to rule” .

    But I say, ‘No enlightened being can do without awakening others; it’s impossible; Their light shines through without their own effort.
    People feel it within their presence.

    In short, they are actually just living their own life, if I may say , or, their own reality is united with awakening mankind : it’s not a different effort…….It’s one and thesame thing.

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