Why ​I taste without desire of the flavor

Act without personal desire.

Manage/Teach without intentional concern.

Taste without desire of the flavor.

Hold the same regard for big or small, abundant or little and reward the unkind with kindness.

Plan for the difficult while it is easy.

Act upon the great from the beginning of the minute.

All difficult affairs must be taken care of when they are easy.

All great accomplishments must be performed from the small tasks.

Hence, a truly awakened man does not strive to do something great.

And as a result he is able to accomplish the great.

He who makes promises easily seldom keeps his words.

He who constantly regards things as easy shall result in difficulty.

Therefore, the truly awakened is aware of the difficulties ahead and hence is cautious in managing affairs while they are sill easy and small to prevent resulting into problems.

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