To nurture without taking possession of


As soon as beauty is known by the world as beautiful, it becomes ugly.
As soon as virtue is being known as something good, it becomes evil.

Therefore being and non-being give birth to each other.

Difficult and easy accomplish each other.

Long and short form each other.

High and low distinguish each other.

Sound and tone harmonize each other

Before and after follow each other as a sequence.

Realizing this, the truly awakened person performs effortlessly according to the natural Way without personal

desire, and practices the wordless teaching through her deeds.

The enlightened individual NATURALLY inspires the vitality of all lives, without holding back.

He nurtures all beings with no wish to take possession of.

He devotes all his energy but has no intention to hold on to the merit.

When success is achieved, She seeks no recognition.

Because he does not claim for the credit, hence shall not lose it.

—Adapted from the Tao Te Ching

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