​Encounters with remarkable men

Enlightenment of the absolute Illumination can free a person from worries and sorrow.

How much is the difference between a respectful response and an angry response?

How great is the difference between good and evil?

What people naturally fear, one should also fear.

One’s endless desire can result in negligence of the true nature of life.

People like to pursue after excitement as if they were ascending the terrace in spring and

celebrate a sacrificial feast.

But I alone remain quiet and calm like an infant who is pure and innocent.

And I alone, formerly, appeared to be lost like one who had nowhere to go.

All people have a surplus, but I alone was simple and left out like a fool.

In my journey and encounters people seemed bright and shrewd, while I seemed dull.

People liked to dispute, while I alone remained quiet.

I was calm and peaceful like the boundless ocean.

I was open-hearted and free like the wind blowing high above the sky without hindrance.

Everyone thought of themselves as capable and outstanding while I appeared unlearned.

I was the only one to be different from others for I valued highly the Great Nirvana and joyfully acted accordingly.

4 thoughts on “​Encounters with remarkable men

  1. I see the audacity of Buddha Maitreya. Too see him is to see the non-differentiable Tao. As I have mentioned before, there are hierarchies in this realm of enlightenment and awakening, which means, if a new Buddha appears in the world after 3,000 years following my parinirvana and realizes that my message has disappeared into oblivion and that people are no longer awakened at the mere hearing of my words, He shall then have the anointing to tweak my DHARMA all he wants for as long as it’s and unselfish endeavor purposed towards awakening the world at large. Hence, kindred spirits can keep fighting such a CHOSEN ONE but for nought.

    Thanks for having the EYE OF DHARMA!

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  2. Wow……. I always knew I had beautiful eyes but I never really thought any more about them.

    But today, Kamau, you tell me they are also “Dharma eyes”, wow; am happy to know that they aren’t just pretty eyes. 😉😉

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