​The Divine Womb


The whole of existence feels happy, blissful, ecstatic when even one individual soul achieves the ultimate. We are part of the whole and the whole is not indifferent to you, cannot be. How can a mother be indifferent to a child—her own child? It is impossible. When the child grows the mother also grows with him. When the child is happy the mother is also happy with him. When the child dances, something in the mother also dances. When the child is ill the mother is ill. When the child is miserable the mother is miserable… because they are not two, they are one. Their hearts beat in a rhythm.

The whole is your mother. The whole is not indifferent to you. Let this truth penetrate as deeply as possible in your heart, because even this awareness that the whole feels happy with you will change you. Then you are not alienated, then you are not a foreigner here in the world. Then you are not a homeless wanderer; then this is a HOME. And the whole mothers you, cares about you, loves you. So it is natural that when somebody becomes a buddha, when somebody reaches the ultimate peak, the whole existence dances, the whole existence sings, the whole existence celebrates.

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