​From Sariputra to the World-honored One


Sariputra said to the Buddha, requesting him to Teach (lecture) the assembly:

Dharma King, none more highly honored,

speak, we beg you, without reserve!

In this assembly of numberless beings

are those capable of reverent belief.

The Buddha responded, hinting at a lack of urgency in Teaching:

Stop, stop, no need to speak!

My Law is wonderful and difficult to ponder.

Those who are overbearingly arrogant

when they hear it will never show reverent belief.

At that time Sariputra, wishing to state his meaning once more, spoke in verse form, saying:

Supremely honored among two-legged beings,

we beg you to preach this foremost Law.

I who am regarded as the Buddha’s eldest son

ask you to favor us by preaching distinctions.

The countless members of this assembly

are capable of according reverent belief to this Law

The Buddhas have already in age after age

taught and converted them in this manner.

All with a single mind and palms pressed together

desire to hear and receive the Buddha’s words.

I and the other twelve hundred of our group,

as well as the others who seek to become Buddhas,

beg that for the sake of this assembly

you will favor us by preaching distinctions.

When we hear this Law (Teaching)

we will be filled with great joy.

At that time the World-Honored One said to Sariputra, “three times you have stated your earnest request. How can I do other than preach? Now you must listen attentively and carefully ponder. For your sake I will now analyze and explain the matter.”

6 thoughts on “​From Sariputra to the World-honored One

  1. It never ceases to amaze me the Dhammapada is 49 pages translated in English. The greatness and wisdom of Buddha is in a book as thick as a pamphlet. I’ll bet instructions for operating most electronics are thicker than the wisdom imbued for the operation of our life’s, mind, and dharma… i could get lost for hours in the contemplation of that alone.

    We seek to be taught, we beg to be taught, yet when the teacher speaks…so often we don’t hear. We’re too busy listening.

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  2. No, it is next on my list. I am in the midst of Dhammapada and Bhagavad Gita presently. I know there are many Sutras yet too. I always find myself overwhelmed at the wisdom of 1-2 lines of text. Often find myself contemplating for an hour to a day!!!!

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  3. I get chills at the very glance of the words my friend. I say now to myself cling not there, cling not here. Irrelevant, irrelevant! Smile and laugh and be that silly girl learning as the Great Mother shows you a ceaseless parade of mystery and don’t stop there even. Just continue to flow…flow…and when you can’t flow, sit until you overflow…

    I thought upon our earlier conversations a few moments ago – I must have summoned you to comment hahahahahaha and realized I still remain as clueless as ever, and isn’t it a beautiful thing? No words, no clue, seems as though I’ve not far to go, yet I’ll not think that much.

    I’ll smile again and be deeply thankful for my dearest friend Philip and his ceaseless loving kindness. He is much like the wind that tickles the back of my neck and makes me wonder “who’s there?” And smile and be grateful for my coat!

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  4. Sure. I agree, there is no resting place for the wakeful. The Holy Mother gives us the parade so that we can use them as marking schemes to confirm if the answers we have experienced come any closer to those who have walked this inconceivable path before usual. The words of the wise, though long dead and devoid of any potent for “killing” the ego, can serve as confirmatory tests for the wise.

    No words no clue is the best illustration of unconditional humility which is the brainchild of trust and transcendent wisdom.

    I’m smiling bigtime too on this other end for my dearest friend Daina. She is so unique and gifted in many ways, though she doesn’t seem to realize this in FULL. She resembles the goddess of fearless love and wisdom.


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