​Religion—Philosophia Ultima

Religion is not a science at all. Religion is not a science in the sense that physics, mathematics and chemistry are sciences. But still it is a science because it is the ultimate knowing: the word science means knowing. And if religion is not a science, what else can be? It is the highest knowing, it is the purest knowing. Ordinary science, as we know it, is knowledge, not knowing: religion is knowing itself. Ordinary science is object-oriented—it knows something, hence it is knowledge. Religion is not object-oriented; it has no object, it knows nothing. Knowing knows itself, as if the mirror is reflecting itself. It is utterly pure of all content. Hence religion is not knowledge but knowing.

Science is a lower kind of knowing, religion is a higher kind. Religion is PHILOSOPHIA ULTIMA: the ultimate knowing. The difference between the two is not of the spirit—the spirit is the same—but the difference is certainly of purity. Science is mixed with much stain and inconceivable mucks because it derives from the human mind —the same same unenlightened mind. Religion, on the other hand, is pure essence, pure fragrance. The mud has disappeared, the lotus has appeared. And at the ultimate stage, even the lotus has disappeared, only the fragrance abides. These are the three stages of knowing (ENLIGHTENMENT): the mud, the lotus and the fragrance.

Religion cannot be grasped, because there is no object in it. But still it can be understood. It cannot be explained, but it can be experienced. There is no way of informing someone about religion, because it cannot be reduced to information. But they can be shown the way, the path to it—fingers pointing to the moon. The fingers are not the moon, obviously, but the fingers can point to the moon.

2 thoughts on “​Religion—Philosophia Ultima

  1. Epistemologically you can easily separate the two in a distinct way in which are the claims made by religion justifiable by evidence and are they rational beliefs? I think that’s where religion falls apart if you are trying to put it in the same category as science in my opinion. But interesting view good read!

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