​The Jewish concept of the Mashiach

THE CHOSEN ONE(S): A self-initiated task and pre-ordained destiny

Messiahs or Avatars are beings who have developed and transcended their own human and divine natures. They are free from human limitation, from selfish and separative behaviors. Having achieved a measure of demonstrated perfection and unity or identification with God, they have a unique capacity and a pre-ordained destiny to transmit some aspect of divine purpose, some great cosmic Principle or power that will forever change the world.

All world saviors or Messiahs have a salvific function that is universal in both its scope and mission. They belong to all humanity regardless of background, religion or country. Through them, the continuity of divine revelation is implemented so that humanity can more fully realize its own divine nature. The revelation these light bearers bring is part of an immortal script that is reflected through different religious and cultural beliefs, proving that the Truth of Revelation is One, but the expressions or manifestations of the Divine are many.

The concept of a Coming One or Messiah has been part of humanity’s shared experience from the beginning. Indelibly rooted in the human psyche, the idea of the savior or redeemer can be associated, in the deepest sense, with the role of the Mythic Hero or the World Savior latent within each individual and the human collective. This underlying archetype is an expression of an abiding certitude within Atma as it gives birth to human aspiration and will, the idea of progress or advancement, and humanity’s innate urge to fulfill its ultimate destiny as a planetary light bearer or savior.

The powerful Messiah or savior concept also stems from humanity’s desire for protection from above and relief in its hour of great suffering and need. It becomes especially acute in times of great crisis when humanity’s development is either in decay or at an impasse. Avatars or redeemers not only bring succor and reprieve during periods of extreme hardship and difficulty, they provide recourse to an unseen but dimly sensed God in his “Secret Place Most High” since they serve as the link of Divine guidance between humanity and God.

2 thoughts on “​The Jewish concept of the Mashiach

  1. Good Morning my dear friend. It’s Daina. I’ve decided to start a new blog with a less itchy butt name. Please do me a kindness and follow the new blog, as I’ll be focusing there with my writing moving forward.

    It’s fascinating how deeply rooted this is in psyche. What you describe here is explained in psychological terms by CG Jung as the archetype and part of our collective unconscious.

    I’ve found, in my own path, as Jung described…you must reach for a power higher than one’s own. In AA (founded largely on his principles) that’s where addicts seek a higher power to overcome their addictions… I’ve no addiction to overcome, but do I? What is this I I keep saying? Who is this I? Isn’t ego a notion we all must come to grips with and somehow find a way to transcend? Yet…at the same time, we cannot actually go to battle with ourselves?

    In the sense of the Messiah, they come then with a message of love – for all – and this is where I rest easily in understanding of the great flow of it all. Ask and you shall receive. If I seek knowledge, understanding, whatever beyond myself, I can ask and I will find. As long as I stay in love, as it is my nature as we have been taught many times by many great teachers. There is not much of a power higher than that – even fear is a lesser.

    I find more and more this journey is a beautiful ballet and I look in wonder and amazement. There is a trust in self and trust in non self. There is a realization that all that I say is “non self” is still self by the very nature of the language. It is through the words of great masters I find inspiration and guidance, but you and I both know very well that we close our eyes and find connection with truth in every heart beat and that transcends any words.

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  2. This is truly good news! I shall obey your holy command and follow the holy blog. Haha! Messiahs are derived from the mundane human life. They are just like marking schemes for a hard exam. The latent is in every being just that many get contented with meagre realizations and attainments. The avatars go all the way to the highest abode that any human can reach in consciousness. They are beyond the grasp of the psychologists and scientists and even the philosophers for theirs is the ineffable attainment of the unexcelled Nirvana.


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