​The stone that the builders refuse

Faith is the firm foundation of my house,

Diligence forms the high walls,

Meditative contemplation makes the huge bricks,

And wisdom is the great corner-stone.

With these four things I build my castle,

And it will last as long as the Truth eternal!

Mortals’ worldly houses and homes are sheer delusions,

Mere prisons for the demons,

And so I would abandon and desert them

In the fire of an instant if I were in their shoes.

9 thoughts on “​The stone that the builders refuse

  1. I find when I close my eyes in meditation, I see infinity. When I open my eyes and see my home, I see walls and boxes and limitation. It’s fascinating.

    I have to wonder when it is I truly see: when my eyes are open, or shut?

    Then I remember Non duality, and I know that it is both. And I smile, and I laugh. It could be the worst day of my life, but my heart is beating. This means my blood is flowing. This means I can learn, and grow, and love.

    There’s no limit to wisdom, nor beauty. The cornerstone can be a reject or the key, and your perspective can see infinity or prison.

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  2. True: there is no limit to wisdom or beauty for those who are truly and supremely wakeful in this life. Theirs is the realm that is beyond DUALITY and NONDUALITY, the path less trodden.


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