​Her age ranges from thirty to secrecy

There’ll be no candles on her birthday cake. She’s in no mood to make light of her age.

She never forgets her age, once she’s decided what it’s to be.

She’s discovered the secret of perpetual youth-she lies about her age.

If she put the right number of candles on her birthday cake, it would be a fire hazard.

Hoity-toity? She may be hoity, but she’II never see toity again.

Her husband is pleading with her to have birthdays again. He doesn’t want to grow old alone.

The best years of her life were the ten years between twenty-nine and thirty.

She’s been pressing thirty so long, it’s pleated.

Her age ranges from thirty to secrecy.

She could add years to her life by simply telling the truth.

10 thoughts on “​Her age ranges from thirty to secrecy

  1. I love my birthday and never miss a year of celebrations.i have friends that don’t celebrate anymore,mainly after 40 .ridiculous to me…..birthdays are a celebration of life and age is a state of mind not a number.😀🎉🎂

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  2. Your wise remarks have made my day! Thanks for the insight. Am happy to confirm that there are people, like your friends, that dont celebrate anymore. Is it because they are too attached to life and its ephemeral nature that they fear to age? Hahaha!

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  3. Sure. It is when we live FULLY that we welcome age and look back at life well spent with smiles and jubilation. Maybe they didn’t taste the sweet dews of awareness in their youth. For, there is an inner YOUTH in an awakened person that never ages. Hence the reason all deities, especially in the east, are depicted as devilishly handsome youths.. What is the secret?

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