​Perfections do not inherently exist as perfections

Having undergone the awesome ordeal with a hundred labors, having gathered all beauty, having destroyed all obscurations after the great period of time of the longest eon, and having eradicated even the subtle obscurations encountered on the stages, buddhahood appears like an opened casket of jewels, magnificent in splendor.

Through countless hundreds of ordeals and countless gatherings of virtue, destroying countless obscurations over immeasurable periods of time, omniscience (perfect enlightenment) is attained: unspoiled by any obscuration, it is celebrated as buddhahood, like a casket of jewels thrown open.

Although all things are constituent of the stuff of buddhahood, there exists no-thing whatsoever; it consists of virtuous qualities BUT THEY DO NOT DEFINE IT. Because it is the cause of the jewel of the Dharma (truths) it resembles a mine of jewels; because it is the cause of a harvest of beauty it resembles a raincloud.

4 thoughts on “​Perfections do not inherently exist as perfections

  1. Yes – I’ve been thinking similarly. If I can put it in words, it it is not it. I have not understood it. The truth could not be a concept. Thatness as you say, I envision Buddha twirling a rose as you described in a previous post. That, to me, is thatness.

    Watts said people think being spiritual or being Zen is thinking about spirituality or zen while doing the dishes. No, he says, it’s doing the dishes. Have you tried just doing the dishes? Watching yourself wash? Its humbling to see the beehive of the mind. Yet, I can wash the soap bubbles or the water as it flows and I see great wisdom as I allow nothing. I even find myself grateful even that the water is hot in such a cold day as I wash these dishes. It’s little things I don’t even notice because I wasn’t noticing. Even then, I muse, I’m still far too busy. I’m still not washing dishes. I find it fascinating. I strive to wash dishes. This is the metaphor I work with presently in all things.

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  2. Brilliant! But this is very different from what Watts talks about. Your great reverence for Allan hinders you from going beyond his own Awakening, for, in the path to Buddhahood, watts is like a small kid. You must go beyond where your own master has brought you. Why do you choose to cling to one position?

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  3. I suppose, my dear friend, it is a pack of confidence in myself. I was musing on your words carefully before responding, as I suspected they were worth tons in wisdom. I reflected on the very notion of leaving the raft at the other shore, have I been carrying a raft, and so on…

    Watts was the first mind to make me feel comfortable in mine. So I suppose there is that. He is like a father to me in that regard alone. Listening to his seminars have become comfort, etc. through is wisdom and words, I’ve mended my relationships with my own very religious father. Yet, I see the wisdom in your questions too. For anymore, where does Daina’s own inspiration and wisdom
    Start and Watts cease? In truth, I view myself as a wise sunbather, tanning in the suns of you, watts, and many great masters before. Anything that should come from me is the golden Sunrays of that which I’ve basked in.

    So I will say this: I know not yet who it is I am. But i grow in certainty that I must continue this writing, this understanding, because my perspective is mine for a reason. When I began writing this blog: there was one intention of bridging a gap between psychology and spirituality as Jung said. It is only in performing this that I found health. It is my intention to inspire others to do the same for themselves. The other intention was to allow myself the freedom to begin playing with the perspectives and notions and observations I have made. I don’t believe any work of fiction is pure fiction I believe we all tell stories and metaphors – could be Jung’s archetype – but I think it is more. I think the truly creative and artistic (crazy/mad) tap into a pool of inspiration and their muses guide them to inspire the collective consciousness. Star Wars – to me that’s Buddhism in plain site. And on and on. I don’t feel an urge to write stories. I feel an urge to be like the other side of Houdini. The one who told you how he did his wonderful tricks and exposed the ones who took advantage of others – he made it his mission to expose fake psychics, etc. not sure if you knew that about him

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