​Truth is impersonal—makes no exception to anyone

When a great resentment has resulted,
Even if one tries to reconcile and make peace,

There is bound to leave some remaining resentment.

Thus, how can this be considered as a good settlement?

Therefore, the sage cultivates himself with introspection and self-discipline without blaming others for faults.

This is like the ancient custom which acts by holding on to the left part of the tally as a debtor that demands nothing from others.

Hence, a person of virtue acts as if he were the debtor.

And a person without virtue acts as if he were the creditor that demands only from others.

The Truth of Nature is impersonal which makes no exception to anyone.

It always assists those that are kind and virtuous.

                                                                       —Lao Tzu

4 thoughts on “​Truth is impersonal—makes no exception to anyone

  1. I like this very much. It’s a very wise mindset. A friend had posted a question asking if you are right or righteous. I said neither. I said because if I say I’m right it excludes being wrong and left and I am both. Righteous excludes wrongness. I’m a child. A servant. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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  2. I do indeed. There are days, my friend, I think to myself, I have understood more than I could ever imagined. Then I remember that I don’t know who I am, and I laugh, and I think there you go thinking again! I let myself marvel at the past year alone though. The woman behind the keyboard this time last year understood expect nothing, but even then struggled. Now, I understand the beauty of the struggle and it’s necessity so I don’t struggle nearly as much. If I’m struggling, it’s more likely I’ve forgotten and I’m thinking too much.

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