8 thoughts on “An ancient Tibetan poem

  1. This is fun! I love this! Madness is a phrase I’ve contemplated much lately. This notion of craziness I’ve written on, yet you have this word madness and often it is used with genius. I’ve been called genius by lots and I have wondered why. I read and study. That just seems to me I have lots of time on my hands and a thirst for knowledge, but I say thank you. Yet, then I think a genius, by my mind, is a person who asks and answers their own questions. Same for a madman I suppose hahaha. I think either see the world in their own unique way. And that makes the world all the better.

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  2. Coincidentally I have just called you genius in a separate comment in the article on “end of an era” without first seeing this. You are right Daina. People who are supposed to be morally and spiritually advanced in this time and age have fallen for the influence of this evil age and they only continue to ‘service’ those other fallen souls.

    This illustrates the exponential growth pattern of the rot in the modern society where mankind now lives according to a certain predetermined menu, thanks to the psychologists and the scientists.

    Man has deviated so much from his true Nature.

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  3. Yes. I have said before I suspect mental illness is, in fact, man diagnosing his divinity. What I mean by this is we are diagnosing varying states of consciousness. I have researched mania (bipolar) and kundalini awakening. The symptoms sound similar. Now, I will not for a second say correlation equals causation. this is a crude example. The rampant depression, to me, are signs of man being detached from nature, and of course their true nature. Those like me, I suppose, feel this world more acutely and feel a world in pain more acutely. Addicts, I think, are another example. Why are they escaping? From what? Their demons? We say this, but usually it is tossed out blithely as a metaphorical term. To me, God’s and devils are within. I’ve seen enough texts supporting this understanding. We’ve been confused purposely on our nature. Blinded to the truth, and now there are a lot of people whose minds are being driven insane by a culture that preaches materials. Starving your soul and gluttoning everything but… I have mused many times on how Buddha would react should he be here now. What path would he take? He left his palace, wife, and child, and became ascetic… then began his teachings. Wandering through the countryside.

    But now we have the internet. I do quite think Buddha would be a blogger. That gives me no end of the giggles. Here we are, no?

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  4. You are very enlightened. And in possession of great understanding too. This is one comment that I have read three times. A beautiful mind you have; a mind whose path, like a happy bird in the air, cannot be traced.

    The devils and devas are indeed inside of every being, ideally speaking. Your words touch the deepest part of my being: That “..a culture that preaches materials! A culture that starves our souls and gluttons everything!” These words I shall never forget. They carry immense Truth in them.

    And haha! The fifth is going to come as a LAUGHING BUDDHA. This is what all ‘main streamers’ cannot understand! Lol! They expect the next Buddha to come the way the previous one did. He cannot waste his time sitting in the lotus posture! He cannot waste his time pretending to be overly charismatic. People, in their spiritual sleep, are capable of creating their own images and lies just to buttress their egos but Nature doesn’t work like that. A Buddha in this day and age would not require to have disciples. The just ended era ended with so many traditions and now we (the most awakened amongst this generation) will serve as seeds for the next and future generations of LIGHTWORKERS. The sieve has changed so much that the notorious dogmatists have not noticed this happening.

    The holy dude would abide nowhere else but in the blogging world. The mainstream media cannot accommodate such an enlightened being, since all media depends on lies to stay in business, and there are people who would never compromise their integrity and life-purpose.

    I suppose Benjamin Creme brought more confusion in the West than wisdom concerning this concept…

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  5. The Holy Dude… Oh my sides are going to split! Now, I thought there was already a laughing Buddha?! I must endeavor in my writing to constantly affirm this. I meditate lying down more often than not. Now, I suppose I am like Buddha in that regard, as I am always on my left side, I do this naturally. My hand rests under my face. I laughed when I began seeing the statues of images of him in his repose this way. I said, ha! I was right all along. I believe, again, this is the trap of dogma. People use dogma as a blankie, if you will. If they “do” the dogma, they cannot possibly “do” it wrong, the problem is, they’re doing dogma, not doing. I realize, I’m just stating the obvious to you, but I don’t think this obvious can be stated enough!

    I was unaware of Mr. Creme, but I will laugh and tell you this my dearest friend: I was born in 1982! I’m here! hahahahahahahahahahahaha He had the wrong continent, I was born in PA in the fall 😉

    ❤ your kindness shines on me like the autumn sun my dearest friend. I like how you say the flight of a bird that cannot be traced. That sounds much better than how I fear I toe the line between sanity and madness. Though, the very act of writing these notions to you shows me embracing my… mad hatter if you will, because I have been too scared to speak of these musings before. That, of course, I've realized is my stupid, tiny, ego wanting me to shush up and stay crazy. Yet, as I've been reminding myself: Daina and all Daina's problems will die. Why should I waste my life thinking on that which will die? The one who peers from behind my eyes will not die, and she would like to become known.

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