​The coquette meets a mystic

Mulla Nasrudin was travelling with a woman in a first-class compartment. They were alone. He introduced himself, and then he said, ’Would you like to sleep with me tonight?’

The woman, who was really angry, said ’What do you think? Are you mad? What do you think of me? I am not a prostitute!’

Mulla said ’I will give you twenty thousand rupees.’

The woman started smiling, she came close, she was holding Mulla’s hand.

And then Mulla said ’What about twenty rupees?’

And the woman said ’What do you think of me!’

Mulla said ’I know who you are. Now we are haggling over the price.’
In the ideal society all morality, as is known, is always a question of ’the price’. Ten rupees – and the woman is angry. Twenty thousand rupees – and the woman is willing. And don’t laugh at her, this is the situation of everybody. Morality does not transform one. It goes deeper than the character that everybody works so hard to front to others, it has a bigger price, but still, at the very core of our being, we remain the same. True and genuine morality arises from a deeper and subtle discipline that arises from an enlightenment that flowers within a meditative person. Yet here “the price” metaphorizes the sacrifices we make daily in order to remain on the right path that elevates our higher consciousness to greater peace and inconceivable Bliss.

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