Using analytics to revolutionize the marketing culture

The most significant culture shift today for marketing teams is adopting an analytical marketing approach. Change has been forced on us, due to the steady creation of new digital channels that have affected customer expectations. The problem is that while marketers are thinking differently about their data, in many cases they’re not acting differently based on what the data is telling them.
Using Data to Change the Status Quo

How often are you relying on gut feelings to make decisions? We all rely on it more than we care to admit. But if the technology to help us exists and is not price prohibitive, then why are most marketing teams lagging behind other functional areas in adopting an analytical mindset? Smart, planned change can have a huge effect on an organization and individuals. 

Measuring your marketing efforts quantitatively is crucial. Using analytics for predicting what could work and using the insights to improve the customer experience were even more powerful motivators. Through your data mart, you can begin to tie customer behaviors all the way back to the opportunity pipeline and use the data to tell you how many dollars of pipeline will eventually turn into revenue.

Using Stories to Convey Data Insights

The stories that you tell inform customers and employees alike about your culture. When you add analytics (and data visualization tools) to your marketing toolbox, your organization can collect stories from the data that you diligently cultivate and harvest.

You can also see how the narrative changes as you make changes. Your team can ask what-if questions to uncover other stories it can begin to tell. That’s how you can shift from being reactive to proactive, creating a culture focused on the future, rather than having one weighed down by the past. And as your organization becomes better at storytelling, you empower the team to ask more questions and explore data differently to expand on the themes you’ve uncovered.

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