Narrative humor

I attended
A Birthday Party
With a gathering of
About 30 people.

I sat in the front seat.

A Lady started distributing food.

She started from
The back and unfortunately,
It didn’t get to us who were sitting at the front.

Another Lady started
Sharing the Drinks,
She started from
The front.
But unfortunately
I had
Already moved
To sit At The Back.

The drink
Didn’t get to me.

I was
So furious that
I stood up
To take my leave.

But then
I saw
Three ladies
Each with A Big Bowl.

This time,
I tried to Be Smart.
I Sat Right
At the Middle.

One of the Ladies
Started the sharing
From the Front,
The Second Lady
Distributing from
The back.

The Two Ladies were
Sharing Roasted Chicken.

They got
To the middle,
Where I was seated,
It got finished again!

Feeling So frustrated,
I Bent My Head,
Putting My Face
In My Hands…

But Then
The Third Lady
Tapped me
Stretched Her Bowl
For Me To Pick.

Joyfully I Stretched
Put My Hands
Inside The Bowl…

What was
In the Bowl ?



*To Position*
*Yourself in Life,*

*Allow GOD*
*To Put You*
*In The Right Place*

*You will*
*Wrongfully position*
*Toothpicks Only !!*

😆 😆 😃 *God bless *

7 thoughts on “Narrative humor

  1. It’s like when your stranded or lost it can be probabilistically wise to stay where you are rather than meandering about. In this case your assumption/prediction of the distribution pattern was incorrect leaving you looking like a food-phobic transient.

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