Belles Lettres: John Waters Speeches

A Speech of Mister Aquarius also known as The Aquarian Center
1. Money is like a screwdriver.  Money is a tool, a practical device, a ways and means for enabling a moneyed person to purchase what he or she wants.  Money is a universal means of exchange.
2. Money can consist of acorns, or dentalia shells, or avocado seeds, or of special slips of paper that are impossible for people to duplicate.  And yes, money CAN be grown on trees.  There can be a dependable source of regular monetary income for every single person!
3. Problems arise when money becomes a competitive game in itself and a means of enslaving less competitive people – taking away their rights – so that the “rich” super-competitive people have a lot more rights than the “poor” less able to compete people.  For instance “rich” people can control rents they require to be paid by “poor” people and “rich” people can have access to mansions, castles, and yachts, and so on and on, to which “poor” people are denied access.
4. Present societies CAN become rectified – “enrightened” – by giving human rights back to all human beings.  To start with, the state-run schools can give universal basic income UBI from the state to all poor families and to all school children in the state, so that the schools can teach all students the true value of money, and the true rights of all persons, and the ways to budget what UBI money you have so that you learn how to be responsible with money.  That is good citizenship – to be responsible.
5. Today’s societies – at least in the USA – where I grew up – ignore teaching both money management and human rights.  Schools themselves enslave children and force them to focus on certain subjects which exclude the UBI and the financial responsibility teachings referred to in the preceding paragraph.  So a student can graduate from high school and not have any good money sense and responsibility at all!
6. Change is available to all persons who want it, by means of the highest (the optimal eutopian) intelligence which is defined both in theory and in my own personal presentations.
The highest human intelligence includes several alternative modes of expressiveness, as cognitive aids.  Consequently, several of my recent essays conclude with the following:
7. The non-rational, non-numerical, non-conflicting, non-competitive cognitive faculties in young people remain dis-respected both in homes and in schools and in communities over-all because the well-cultured parents and the sophisticated school teachers never ever studied these rejected cognitive aids objectively, scientifically, and in detail.  Consequently in light of all this newsworthy information, to best introduce this revolutionary EMCoCo innovation to people in my articles and in my personal presentations I repeatedly submit both in theory and in practice the published prose material in books by  five professional researchers and writers.
8. These professionals are:
John Allen Boone, and his book “The Language of Silence,” and
Dr. Heinrich Klüver PhD, and his book “Behavior Mechanisms in Monkeys,” and
Dr. Rhoda Kellogg PhD, and her book “Analyzing Children’s Art,” and
Dr. Barbara Brown MD, and her book “Supermind the Ultimate Energy,” and
Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke MD, and his book “Cosmic Consciousness.”

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