About this blog

Blogging technology has, finally, willingly opened its columns to those who can put forth bold views lucidly and sincerely on subjects with which they are familiar. As you read this blog, you will find some points to agree or disagree with. But this is important: Do not allow disagreements to distract you from the blog’s central issue: Helping you to realize the essence Within and the benefits thereof.

Here is a blog which disturbs classifications, which is unorthodox, which sets aside some very widely-received opinions as of little worth, and which presents its own side of vital questions with a persistency and logical force from which it is hard for an unprejudiced reader to escape… The end and aim of Mr. Philip’s whole argument is to illustrate the ESSENCE WITHIN that all people from all areas aren’t able to see at first glance.

Humanity always seems to be either looking to the past or future for its Sages. Hardly ever do they recognize them when they are in the NOW. It’s just easier that way. If they acknowledged their presence then they would have to become the message.

Should the writings in this blog site prove fortunate enough to be favorably received by you, they will owe it entirely to their subject-matter. To this and not to the vigor of language or lucidity of style must be attributed whatever interest they may possess.

Through erudite insight and perception,  the blog endeavors to Teach on same enlightenment the great spiritual Teachers and messengers that have from time to time walked  the Earth throughout recorded and unrecorded history. 

The humanness of the author expresses itself in wit, humor and complete compatibility with all sorts of backgrounds everywhere we look there is Suchness by nature.