Choosing a Care Home

If your loved one can no longer live alone, a care homes in Somerset from could just be the answer you are looking for.

Here is some useful information on how to choose a care home for your loved ones.

Talking through options

Now before you start short listing any care homes, sit down with the person you are caring for and have a discussion of what is important to them. This could involve the location, ideal facilities or needed specialist care for a specific health and wellbeing issue. What is ‘essential’ and what is ‘desirable’? Include other family members or friends when discussing care options.

Create a shortlist of suitable care homes

Use care services directory to find suitable care homes in the Somerset area. You can filter for residential homes or nursing homes along with homes that offer more specialist support, i.e. dementia care or physical disabilities.

Thoroughly read the care home inspection reports

There are 4 main watchdogs with inspecting and reporting on care providers in the UK. The reports are available publicly and will give you valuable insight into how well a home is managed and the level of care they on offer.

Ask for recommendations

Do any of your other family members or friends know of care homes that come highly recommended? Having a recommendation from a pleased resident is worth its weight in gold.

Get in contact with suitable care homes

Time to contact your shortlisted care homes and talk questions from the first phone call – this could be discussing how the home can meet your loved one’s needs directly with the manager. One thing to ask upfront is about the cost and if there is a waiting list. This will eliminate unsuitable homes straight away before you waste a visit.

Ask them to send you the information of the costs along with a brochure.

Visit the care homes

It’s crucial to visit the homes on your shortlist and then getting as much information as you can. Consider making a list of questions beforehand so that you don’t forget to ask important questions.

Ask about social activities, the resident’s rooms, nearby facilities etc.  Make sure the person who is going into the home goes along for visits if they are able to – if your loved one is unable to visit, asks a representative from the home to visit them separately to assess their needs face to face.

Get a needs assessment

Your loved one is entitled to a free needs assessment from their local social services department. This is quite an important step as they might need financial help from the local authority as councils will only fund care that someone has been assessed as needing.

Remember that moving into a care home can be a difficult step for your loved one so support them and make sure they are involved in the process.

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